"MilFey" Masters - About How To Quickly Fix Beauty Failures

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"MilFey" Masters - About How To Quickly Fix Beauty Failures
"MilFey" Masters - About How To Quickly Fix Beauty Failures

Video: "MilFey" Masters - About How To Quickly Fix Beauty Failures

Video: "MilFey" Masters - About How To Quickly Fix Beauty Failures
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Unsuccessful hair coloring

If the hair is dyed in the wrong tone, the color is uneven or even spots, there are two ways out. “The first, the easiest and fastest is to darken the hair one tone,” says Theodor Botez, top stylist, hairdresser at the MilFay beauty salon. - So they will look as natural as possible, and the shade will even out. If the color is darker than planned, and you want a lighter shade, you need to use a professional acid wash that does not damage the hair, does not change its structure, but simply rinses out the paint and allows you to re-stain. You can get the desired shade on the same day, immediately after washing."

In some cases, hair restoration with the help of care procedures is indispensable. Unsuccessful lightening leads to a loss of hair structure, they become lifeless, porous - in this case, it is important to restore their strength and only then proceed with a new coloring. “There are several options: you can add a treatment to your bleach to avoid hair loss. For example, we use Olaplex, explains Theodor Botez. - Or choose professional care aimed at intensive restoration of the hair structure. Tokio Inkarami has a special salon line. In any case, during coloring and lightening, we carry out a complete reconstruction, nutrition and hair restoration, so that our guest leaves the salon with healthy and shiny hair, dyed exactly in the shade he wanted."

Chipped nail

To prevent the damaged nail from causing problems, it is better to seek help from a manicurist. “There are several ways to remedy the situation, but the most reliable is to use a polygel or gel,” says Diana Demidovskaya, a manicurist at the MilFey salon. - If the nail breaks off, and there is no possibility to substitute the form for building, it can be grown with a polygel, filed and only then substitute the form. The procedure begins with cleansing, then a base and a polygel are applied to the nail plate. The nail is placed in a polymerization lamp for a polygel for about one and a half minutes. Then the shape is filed with a file just like a natural nail. At the end, the base is applied."

Pinpoint rash

The causes of inflammatory elements can be different, so no one can be completely insured against them. They can appear due to hormonal changes, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, weakening of immunity, the ingestion of pathogenic microflora. The stages of inflammation also vary. Sometimes it is better to open the inflammatory element, but this should be done only in the beautician's office. In another situation, it is better not to do this, since the so-called core of the inflammatory element has not been formed.

“At home, you can cope with the help of pharmacy products or cosmeceuticals, for example, apply a drug based on zinc acetate and erythromycin to the rash,” says Natalya Vasilyeva, beautician of the MilFey salon. - Or you can prepare the SOS product yourself. For example, mix in equal proportions an ointment based on neomycin and bacitracin and zinc ointment and apply to the inflammatory element at night."


It is impossible to get rid of a bruise instantly - medications accelerate its absorption, but are not able to erase it. However, the bruise can be masked - the main thing is to know the rules of corrective makeup. “It all depends on the condition of the bruise. It is it that dictates the rules for the use of various correctors, - explains Elmira Valeeva, makeup artist "MilFey". - To mask a reddish bruise, you need to use a green corrector, for purple - yellow, for blue - orange, and when the bruise has a green tint, you should arm yourself with a pink corrector. On top you need to apply concealer or foundation."

Traces of a protracted party

With excessive alcohol consumption, the “morning after” may not be kind at all. In cases where you need to recover urgently and without delay, droppers will help, the most popular among which are Japanese solutions based on human placenta hydrolyzate.

“They work as hepatoprotectors, protecting liver cells from the negative effects of alcohol. In addition, these are immunomodulators, which is especially important in connection with the pandemic, says Natalya Vasilyeva. - The drug has a beneficial effect on all metabolic processes, improves health and sleep. Glutathione droppers also have revitalizing properties. They have an antioxidant effect, protect cells from oxidative processes, thereby improving their viability, which leads to a slowdown in the processes that cause negative changes in the body.”⠀>

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