How To Technologically Care For Face And Body Skin: Instructions From ReFa

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How To Technologically Care For Face And Body Skin: Instructions From ReFa
How To Technologically Care For Face And Body Skin: Instructions From ReFa

Video: How To Technologically Care For Face And Body Skin: Instructions From ReFa

Video: How To Technologically Care For Face And Body Skin: Instructions From ReFa
Video: REFA CARAT | How To Use Effectively & Is It Worth It? | glowwithava 2023, March

MTG's ReFa massagers are notable not only for their elegant shape (some models resemble miniature models of spaceships from the future), but also for their ability to reproduce energy-intensive aesthetic treatments with similar results, but without having to go to the salon. Radiant and toned skin can be done at home. Explain how exactly.

How to master the massage procedure at home

First, you should consult with a specialist and take into account contraindications, as well as determine the type of age-related changes, skin condition, and then choose a massage technique.

Regardless of which device you choose (or even trust your hands), before starting the massage, you must thoroughly cleanse the skin. If rashes or irritation are present, the procedure should be postponed until complete recovery.

Massagers work out the main lines, which are important to remember in order to achieve the maximum positive effect and not earn side lines.

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Facial massage lines:

  • from the center of the chin to the earlobes;
  • from the corners of the mouth to the tragus (center of the ear);
  • from the wings of the nose to the temples;
  • up the back of the nose;
  • from the inner corner of the eye up the eyebrow to the outer;
  • from the outer corner of the eye along the lower eyelid to the inner corner of the eye;
  • from the center of the forehead to the temples;
  • scalp - from the center to the periphery.

Neck and décolleté massage lines:

  • from the center of the chest to the clavicular region;
  • along the front surface of the neck from bottom to top;
  • along the lateral surfaces of the neck from top to bottom.

Remember that the massage should not cause painful sensations: do not press on the skin too much, it is better to do light and neutral movements, passing the device along the massage lines.

After the session is over, it will be useful to drink a glass of warm water - this helps to remove toxins from the body.

How to determine if a massage is needed

It's simpler than simple: if you notice that your skin is aging and loses its tone, and the oval of your face is "swimming", then you should think about purchasing a massager. It is important to remember that self-massage with a special device is the prevention of age-related changes, and not a panacea for them.

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What not to do with self-massage

To proceed to it without studying the basic foundations of the structure of the muscles of the face - pay attention to the massage lines and the so-called Langer lines, as well as to the direction of the lymph flow. All movements should be carried out strictly along the massage lines and (this is very important) not to hurt yourself.

What are Langer lines

In 1861, the Austrian physiologist Karl Langer published his work “On the anatomy and physiology of the skin. On the splitting of the skin. " In it, he described conventionally drawn lines on the surface of the skin, along which it is most extensible. When Langer studied the skin, he noticed that it stretched better in some directions than in others. The scientist connected the observation with unevenly located areas of collagen and elastin fibers. Along the lines of Langer, the strength and elasticity of the skin is much higher. These are the lines of the least stretch of the skin associated with the concentration of collagen "filaments" collected in "bundles". They are found all over the body, mainly in the places of natural folds, located perpendicular to the muscle fibers.

Why pay attention to ReFa devices

There are many options for self-massage treatments on the beauty device market. Among them are the well-known jade massagers, cryospheres, and natural stone guache plates. Technological ReFa rollers stand out in this variety. Thanks to the unique design of the spheres, the rollers, coated with hypoallergenic platinum, are in optimal contact with the skin even with slight pressure, and the three-dimensional shape of the rollers deeply "grabs" the skin, delicately working through all its layers.

Microcurrent therapy with ReFa massagers effectively removes edema and helps to relax and smooth the desired areas, prevents skin sagging, improves elasticity and helps to lighten pigmentation. The solar panel in the grip attracts light and generates a microcurrent that stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, increases blood circulation and visibly lifts the skin.

Russian customers can choose the following options for massagers, each acting individually:

  • ReFa Carat is a key development in the line of massagers: it tightens, tones and rejuvenates the skin of the face and body. The spheres of the massager capture the layers of the skin and, by kneading it, provide a lifting massage of the face and body.
  • ReFa Carat Ray does exactly the same thing as the flagship, only adds a long-lasting microcurrent effect to the massage thanks to the enlarged solar panel on the body.
  • ReFa S Carat is a miniature facial muscle assistant. Tones up and prevents the formation of wrinkles, relieves muscle spasm, stimulating lymph flow and activating blood microcirculation. Suitable for the care of the face contour, the skin around the eyes, nasolabial folds, the bridge of the nose, the area around the mouth.
  • Refa S Carat Ray is equipped with an enlarged solar battery on the body, and a special tip-point generates microcurrents and performs acupuncture massage of biologically active points on the face.
  • Refa Carat Face combines the innovations of two models - Refa Carat and Refa S Carat. The elegant curve and optimal size are specially designed for the face and décolleté. Suitable for the contour of the face, cheekbones, forehead, eye area, neck and décolleté.
  • Refa Carat Ray Face - accumulates solar energy and directs it into the skin by microcurrents through the edges of the massage spheres.

ReFa is a waterproof device, protected from external influences according to the Japanese quality standard JIS ipx7. The gadget can be easily charged by sunlight or under any artificial light. There are practically no contraindications to using the device.

Other, equally important devices for the body

The SIXPAD brand of MTG develops a means for the rehabilitation and training of muscle tissue using the latest technologies for electrical muscle stimulation EMS on the method of 20 Hz oscillations.

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Photo: press service

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A wide range of exercise equipment is in demand not only in Japan, but also in other Asian countries, as well as in Europe and America.

SIXPAD simulators are:

  • patented CMM Pulse technology, proven by scientific research;
  • the lack of stress on the cardiovascular system allows you to train muscles for people suffering from heart or lung problems;
  • the process of training and reducing body fat is carried out by improving blood circulation by myostimulating muscle fibers using electrical discharges.

The goal of SIXPAD is to tone and train muscles, and therefore to speed up metabolism and muscle activity, which contributes to the fat burning process. This technique has long been used for medical purposes to restore muscle tone and strengthen them in people with various diseases of the neuromuscular system.

However, it is important to remember that myostimulation does not replace full-fledged physical activity, and EMS simulators should be used not for weight loss, but for a cosmetic effect.

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