Instruction: How To Protect Your Eyesight

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Instruction: How To Protect Your Eyesight
Instruction: How To Protect Your Eyesight

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Andrey Lapochkin

ophthalmologist surgeon, candidate of medical sciences (Botkin City Clinical Hospital, ophthalmological clinic "Lege Artis")

Tip # 1

See an ophthalmologist, have an examination and check the optics of your eye (farsightedness, myopia, astigmatism). If, during long-term work at the computer or with documents, you are constantly worried about headaches, then vision problems are one of the reasons that must be excluded. Otherwise, you risk not promptly starting to correct the situation with glasses or contact lenses. By eliminating the optical problems of the eyes, you can get rid of constant headaches.

Tip number 2

Try not to use your laptop, smartphone, and tablet an hour and a half before your expected sleep. The blue light that gadgets emit suppresses the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, and you don't feel like sleeping at all. As a result, it is impossible to fully rest at night, and this seriously affects health, including the eyes.

Photo: d3sign
Photo: d3sign

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Council number 3

Check yourself for dry eye syndrome if you spend a long time in offices with a computer and feel that your eyes are constantly reddening, there is a feeling of dryness and sand. Dry eye syndrome has manifestations of varying degrees of complexity. Only an ophthalmologist has the necessary amount of funds that help alleviate the condition of the eyes with this diagnosis, which has long become a serious problem for city residents and office workers.

Tip # 4

Be sure to measure the level of intraocular pressure after 35–40 years. This is one of the most important parameters of the eye, which affects the state of the retina and optic nerve. High eye pressure can crush the retina and optic nerve, dramatically reducing the quality and acuity of vision. Changes to this parameter are often imperceptible, so it must be monitored periodically. There is a whole arsenal of drugs that normalize this physical quantity.

Council number 5

See your ophthalmologist regularly for macular degeneration (progressive retinal degeneration in the macular region). Radiation from smartphones and tablets can negatively affect the cells of the central zone of the retina (macula), causing early forms of degeneration of this area. It is in the macula that the most highly sensitive cells are concentrated, this tiny central zone provides 95% of our vision.

Photo: Qi Yang
Photo: Qi Yang

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Council number 6

Feel free to use glasses and lenses. There is a myth that constant wearing of glasses and contact lenses is harmful to the eyes. This is absolutely wrong. If they are correctly selected, they will help your eyes see well, and constantly.

Council number 7

Show the fundus to an experienced professional at least once a year. Unfortunately, many diseases are getting younger. We, residents of large cities, are exposed to stress, food is full of chemicals, which causes a large number of cancers (including diseases of the eyes). For their timely detection and treatment, it is necessary to look at the retina of the eye at least once a year, as well as its choroid with a wide pupil.>

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