Self-massage: How To Take Care Of Your Skin At Home

Self-massage: How To Take Care Of Your Skin At Home
Self-massage: How To Take Care Of Your Skin At Home

Video: Self-massage: How To Take Care Of Your Skin At Home

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Video: Classic Face Massage at Home, "Preparing"- Self Face Skin Care / How to Get Smooth Skin Video #1 2023, January

Why, how and what results

Self-massage does not give such quick results as professional, but it works on the principle of accumulation. The main rule is regularity and careful study of techniques. Thanks to a systematic approach, due to constant work with blood circulation, acceleration of metabolism and lymph movement, in just a couple of months it is quite possible to tighten the face contour, smooth mimic wrinkles, cellulite and work out the overall body relief.

“The fact is that the regular acceleration of blood flow and lymph leads to an improvement in turgor, elasticity and firmness of the skin, stimulation of metabolic processes. After a while, all this gives noticeable results that can be compared with injection cosmetology and hardware procedures, - notes Eduard Petrushov, masseur and thalassotherapist at the Swiss Beauty Clinic for cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. - The main rule is that all movements must be carried out through the lymphatic pathways. In other words, massage the arms towards the elbows, the legs towards the knees, and the chest towards the sides of the solar plexus. One of the main taboos is that the lymph nodes themselves are not massaged. Before self-massage, it is better to take a warm shower or, if there are no contraindications, a contrast shower. It is he who relaxes the clamps and prepares the body for self-massage.It is also important to take a comfortable position so that the massaged part of the body is as relaxed as possible."


In face care, self-massage should be turned into a daily ritual. Firstly, this does not take much time - about 15-20 minutes. Secondly, it is self-massage that will help to maximize the effectiveness of all care products, which means that all creams, serums, oils will give the maximum effect that is declared by the manufacturers in the description. “This type of massage will help improve the complexion by improving blood circulation and moisturizing the upper layers of the epidermis, but, alas, it cannot replace a full-fledged facial massage from a specialist. It is obligatory performed after make-up removal, washing and toning of the skin,”says professional cosmetologist Victoria Fillimonova on her Instagram account.

In addition to the above advantages of self-massage of the face, one cannot fail to mention one more, no less relevant: it is the regular study of the face and neck-collar zone that helps with a tendency to edema. That is, self-massage can also be practiced after flights and parties.

There are a large number of techniques for self-massage of the face, but one of the most popular and effective ones is classic hand massage, using vacuum cans and special gadgets. In terms of price and result ratio, it is self-massage with vacuum cans that wins. It is they that significantly enhance the effect on the skin, muscles and blood flow, while being very accessible and understandable to use.

“The main function of vacuum massage is to restore the capillary network. Whatever your cream is, it only works on the surface, without getting inside. Capillaries are the “access roads” of the body. They physiologically provide nutrition to the skin from the inside. But over time, they lose their tone and stop nourishing the skin,”explains face fitness expert Viktoria Kushnareva.


The technique of self-massage of the body is no less than for the face and neck. Perhaps one of the simplest and most affordable is the use of special rollers and various balls. Rollers that can be found in sports stores and yoga centers, and even ordinary tennis balls, can achieve dramatic results - getting rid of cellulite and loss of tone. By the same principle - rather aggressive acceleration of blood circulation - special gloves for massage in the shower and dry brushes work.


If you do self-massage exclusively with your hands and with the help of massage oil, it is important to study the features of various techniques. There is ayurvedic abyanga massage using warm oil or a combination of different massage movements. With so many options and techniques, it is important to choose exactly what suits you in terms of time and amount of effort spent on studying and the massage itself.

Important pluses

Regular independent work with your face and body provides the most valuable thing - knowledge of your body, which, among other things, affects self-esteem, mood and general condition of the body. And all this, combined with a systematic approach, allows you to achieve results that can be seen in the video broadcasting the unique self-massage techniques of Asian experts "no age", foreign beauty bloggers with harmonious facial expressions and embossed bodies, as well as Russian Instagram experts - fans of vacuum cans …


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