Sports, Nutrition, Facial Care: What Is The Secret Of Youth Jennifer Lopez

Sports, Nutrition, Facial Care: What Is The Secret Of Youth Jennifer Lopez
Sports, Nutrition, Facial Care: What Is The Secret Of Youth Jennifer Lopez

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In early autumn, J. Lo gave two good reasons to admire her perfectly fit figure and blooming appearance. Firstly, she went up the Versace catwalk in exactly the same dress that favorably emphasized her figure 20 years ago. Secondly, she played one of the main roles in the film "Strippers", not yielding to her younger colleagues.

Lopez does not have to be desperately young for new roles - for example, in a scene where a star is spinning on a pole, her talent is guessed to control her own body with the confidence of a professional athlete. And in the backstage from the fashion show, which has leaked on the Web, you can see the lively facial expressions on her face and the smooth elastic skin on the half-naked thighs and breasts, through which the soft fabric of the famous dress from Versace flows.

Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images
Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

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On her 50th birthday, Jennifer Lopez showed on YouTube that she does not deny herself the joys of life: from time to time she can afford a piece of cake. Jay Lo does not believe in fasting, instead chooses food that fills her with maximum energy. Staying fit regardless of the occasional cheat mile, according to the star's trainer, is helped by her real obsession with sports. Lopez does not stop practicing even on his own birthday. “Sometimes, after a busy day or a work day turning into night, I want to skip a workout, but I tell myself: just get up and go to the gym, it only takes an hour,” Lopez shared in an interview with Us Weekly. And to recover after intense workouts, snacks with fruits and vegetables and rest with children help her.


Jenniffer Lopez follows a metabolic-boosting diet developed by Hayley Pomeroy. The nutritionist is sure that the surest way to a healthy and fit body is to normalize metabolism. Her diet is based on fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, eggs, meat, fish and poultry. Processed foods containing dyes, preservatives and chemicals that interfere with metabolic activity are excluded. Hayley Pomeroy believes that you need to have breakfast immediately after waking up, otherwise the body is forced to work at low fuel levels (for the human body it is as bad as driving on the minimum amount of gasoline for a car): the adrenal glands increase the production of cortisol, which signals the need to accumulate fat in case of long-term lack of vital elements.

Pomeroy does not approve of scrupulous calorie counting and believes that strong restrictions on daily calorie intake only play against us: when the metabolism is slowed down, the body will transform even healthy food into fat, and getting rid of one extra kilogram can become an overwhelming task.

Nutritionist Jay Lo does not call for giving up your favorite dishes, but teaches them to look for a healthy alternative, because even a pie can be made from whole grain flour without added sugar. In a word, she considers any strict restrictions the biggest enemies of an accelerated metabolism. Plus, a nutritionist advises to plan your diet in such a way that it is as varied as possible, believing that the use of the same dishes will sooner or later lead to a breakdown on junk food. By switching to a nutrition system developed by Hayley Pomeroy, Jennifer Lopez eliminated alcohol and caffeine and began to drink more water.

Face care

Jay Lo admits that she is obsessed with regular and thorough facial cleansing, especially after the gym. After the skin has sweated well, it is very important to cleanse the pores, and so that due to the abundant loss of moisture it does not look haggard, you need to moisturize it with a cream. After moisturizing, Lopez always applies sunscreen and only then allows herself to apply makeup.

“Jay Lo in his 50s looks gorgeous and first of all I need to say thanks to her genetics,” comments the doctor and plastic surgeon Georgy Chemyanov. - She has pronounced cheekbones, chin, jaws. Such a structure and bone support very well keep soft tissues and oval from gravitational ptosis, which provides her with a youthful appearance for many years. In addition, she, of course, is engaged in maintaining what is given by nature, and we can only assume that a smooth forehead and the absence of a large number of wrinkles in the upper area of ​​the face and around the eyes are the result of botulinum therapy (Botox injections). At the same time, the star retains a lively facial expression - this is a sign of a very accurate and competent approach of the doctor and the wishes of the patient himself."

“We can also assume that well-administered injections with fillers based on hyaluronic acid help to maintain a strong face framework, emphasize the cheekbones and chin,” Chemyanov continues. - In addition, she clearly carefully monitors the quality of the skin, although the thin skin around the eyes and fine wrinkles give out age a little. Here we can suggest such procedures as thread lifting, and possibly ultrasonic lifting on non-surgical facelift machines. ">

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