How To Get A Face Shape Like Meghan Markle's

How To Get A Face Shape Like Meghan Markle's
How To Get A Face Shape Like Meghan Markle's

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What do Meghan Markle and Zoe Kravitz have in common? At first glance - African roots. But the color of the skin has nothing to do with it - we are talking about a clear oval of the face and high cheekbones. “Features of the structure of the face in people of different races differ significantly from each other. Accordingly, the signs of time on the face of African, European, Asian and Slavic women appear in different ways,”says Olga Ibrakova, cosmetologist, dermatovenerologist at the TORI clinic of aesthetic medicine.

Each type of face has its own conditional advantages and disadvantages. For example, the famous Slavic beauty means soft facial features, smooth lines and wide-set large eyes. At the same time, Slavic faces are subject to a deformation type of aging, which is characterized by sagging of the oval of the face after 30 years, retraction of the cheeks, the appearance of hollows under the eyes and an accent on the nasolabial folds - all this leads to the effect of a "floating face". African women rarely have such neat noses as Slavs, but at the same time, the faces of African women retain the "triangle of youth" for a longer time, formed by high cheekbones and a clear chin. Megan Markle is well over 30, but her face oval is flawlessly clear, and her cheekbones are pronounced.

“Recently, a dermatologist from South Africa, Isolde Heidenreich, came to Russia,” continues Olga Ibrakova. - She demonstrated her own technique of injecting a drug based on hyaluronic acid in order to instantly contour certain areas of the face. This technique forced our doctors to rethink the experience of contouring techniques and create a new protocol for women of Slavic appearance - UZURI 2.0, which in Swahili means "beauty", and 2.0 symbolizes the number of injection points."

A drug based on hyaluronic acid is injected into the middle third of the face strictly at ten points (five points on each side). Each point corresponds to the projection of the ligaments - this helps to achieve a lifting effect in the cheekbones. In the injection areas, the filler creates volume by enhancing light reflection. As a result, the cheekbones become more pronounced. Further along the edge of the lower jaw, also at ten points, a mesolipolytic drug is injected. It is used to "lighten" the shape of the face, to sharpen the chin and the angle of the jaw.

The UZURI 2.0 procedure is suitable for all women of Slavic appearance, regardless of age and allows you to form a natural and natural result. It lasts 20 minutes and goes without rehabilitation. The final result in the form of a clear chin and a well-defined cheekbone line, like Meghan Markle, can be appreciated in two to three days.>

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