Ready For Summer: 7 Stars Who Are Proud Of Their "imperfect" Body

Ready For Summer: 7 Stars Who Are Proud Of Their "imperfect" Body
Ready For Summer: 7 Stars Who Are Proud Of Their "imperfect" Body

Video: Ready For Summer: 7 Stars Who Are Proud Of Their "imperfect" Body

Video: Ready For Summer: 7 Stars Who Are Proud Of Their "imperfect" Body
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Chrissy Teigen

American model Chrissy Teigen became popular thanks to photo shoots in swimsuits and an incredibly beautiful and lush wedding with soul singer John Legend. But real recognition was brought to her by sincere, ironic, and sometimes sad stories about motherhood, family life and the transformation of her body.

Now Chrissy has two children, a couple of successful cookbooks, 24 million followers on Instagram and 10 “extra” pounds, which the model is not going to get rid of: “Now I am almost 10 kilos more than before Miles was born (the second child of Chrissy and Jonah, Miles' son, was born in 2018. - Ed.) I did not return to my previous shape after giving birth, because I love delicious food too much. So now my new weight is my norm. " Of course, Chrissy continues to appear in swimwear for magazines and encourages other girls not to be afraid of extra pounds.

Tyra Banks

Long before Chrissy, another top model declared war on beauty standards and continues to fight successfully. Tyra's most recent win is the latest cover of the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. “I dedicate this photo shoot to all the girls and women who have ever been told that they are not good enough: with their body, age or whatever,” Banks wrote on Instagram.

By her own example, Tyra wants to show and prove that women of all shapes, ages and sizes can look sexy on the beach in bikinis. Or not on the beach, but in general under any circumstances and in any clothing.

Hilary Duff

“I am enjoying my vacation after strenuous filming and long separation from my son. But the tabloids are so fond of showing "imperfect celebrities". What luck, I am just one of them, "- so on her Instagram, the actress commented on the photo that appeared in many media with the headline" Hilary Duff showed cellulite on the beach."

The actress added that her "imperfect" body gave her the most important gift in life - her son Luka, and encouraged all women to love their flaws. “I am 30 years old, I am healthy, and my body is doing great in all functions. Girls, let's be proud of what we have. And we will stop wasting precious time on empty dreams of becoming someone else, someone ideal."


Strictly speaking, Rihanna really cares about how she will look in a bikini - only she is afraid not of the presence, but of the absence of curvaceous forms. “You know, I'm going to return to training now and I'm very afraid to lose too much weight,” the singer admitted in an interview with Vogue magazine. When Rihanna added in size, it caused a huge resonance - someone (completely in vain and unfairly) accused her of being lazy and promoting obesity, others saw this as a protest to the standards of the show business industry, others just enjoyed the new pictures of the singer in her underwear from her collection Savage x Fenty.

Rihanna herself is very philosophical about weight and shape: “If you want to have big seductive hips, get ready to have a belly. Sometimes it becomes especially noticeable, so I just take jeans with a higher waist or something oversized."

Kate Winslet

“Life is too short to constantly think about kilograms” - with this position the Oscar-winning actress has been happily living for many years. Winslet is constantly targeted by the paparazzi whenever she goes to the beach or puts on an open dress. But that doesn't change her decision to remain "normal." On the contrary, over the years, Kate thinks more and more about the fact that as a public person she should be very careful about her body so as not to set false standards for other women.

“Have I tried to purposefully lose weight after each of my three pregnancies? In no case. I really didn't want to be one of the actresses who "got back in shape in just 12 weeks after giving birth." What are 12 weeks? This is simply not possible. At this time I was still breastfeeding and constantly wanted to eat myself. I think, in principle, one should not expect that the body will be able to become the same after childbirth, this is not necessary,”- says Winslet, and it's hard to disagree with her.

Kristen Bell

The reevaluation of the values of the star of the series "Good Place" happened thanks to all the same tabloids. Once, after another vacation with her family, she saw herself on some website - in the photo in a swimsuit, the actress's thighs were circled in a bright circle, and the caption to the picture said that Bell had acquired cellulite. “I was already sweating from what I saw,” Kristen recalls.

At first she felt scared and ashamed that someone did not like her body. But the longer the actress looked at the picture, the more clearly she realized that everything was in order with her: “I realized that I looked great. I have normal human legs, with muscles and fat. " Kristen decided that she would no longer apologize for her appearance, and she does not advise everyone else to do this.

Amy Adams

Amy says bluntly: “My body was definitely not given to me for beautiful pictures in a bikini. That is, I am not one of those actresses whose photos in swimsuits cause a violent reaction. And if stormy, certainly not positive. In general, you get the idea."

Adams admitted that she does not like intense training and does not adhere to any diets. But if an actress is taken to change something in her appearance, then only for work. This in no way means that Amy does not take care of herself: the actress feels great, spends a lot of time outdoors with her family, loves yoga and light cardio, thoroughly cleanses her skin and does not leave the house without sunscreen. It's just that “preparing for the beach season” does not fit into her busy everyday life, and she is definitely not ready to sacrifice something that is really important for her.>

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