How To Grow Long Hair: The Main Rules And Mistakes

How To Grow Long Hair: The Main Rules And Mistakes
How To Grow Long Hair: The Main Rules And Mistakes

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If the attitude towards skin and body care in recent years has become conscious and thoughtful, thanks to beauty bloggers and experts, then with hair it is still just in the process. In the desire to grow long thick hair and give them health, many take courses in salon treatments, apply special oils and masks. However, all this is of little benefit if you do not properly care for your hair in basic steps such as cleansing, brushing and drying your hair.

Hair cleansing

Proper hair care starts with shampooing. Experts advise to wash your hair exclusively in an upright position, since this is how the hair scales are less injured. It is necessary to apply shampoo only on the scalp, while trying to massage. Cleansing the ends with proper washing occurs due to the fact that the foam descends along the length of the hair when rinsing off the funds, which allows you to gently cleanse them. You should not apply shampoo all over your hair, as this can lead to dryness and breakage.

Cleansing the scalp

Just like the face and body, the scalp requires regular and deep cleansing - peeling. You can use a special shampoo with acids or exfoliating particles, or make your own. To do this, you just need to mix coarse Himalayan salt with a couple of drops of oil and lemon juice. With regular deep cleansing, not only the condition of the scalp improves (dandruff disappears, the production of sebaceous glands is regulated), but hair growth is also accelerated.

How to dry

New generation hair dryer, Dyson
New generation hair dryer, Dyson

New generation hair dryer, Dyson

The health and growth of your hair is directly dependent on how you dry it. Already in the first minutes after a bath or shower, many make the mistake of rubbing and then wrapping their hair in a towel. Thus, you not only damage the hair structure, but also contribute to hair loss. Wet hair should be handled with care: lightly blot it with a towel - with gentle movements, without friction. And if you still need to absorb excess moisture, then it is better not to use a heavy towel, but replace it with a light cotton T-shirt. After that, the hair is best left to dry naturally.

However, if you want to style your hair, then you need to dry the curls without a comb: distribute the strands with your fingers, and hold the hairdryer at an angle of 45 degrees to close the scales as much as possible. In this case, it is necessary to use professional hair dryers that help avoid overheating. For example, one of the safest and most comfortable is the new generation Dyson hair dryer. It not only monitors the temperature of the air flow, but also allows you to dry your hair faster and more conveniently (thanks to its balanced design), while maintaining its shine and density.

Safe combing

The main and very common mistake in hair care is combing wet curls. When wet, the hair becomes heavier, so it breaks and pulls easily, especially when handling combs and combs. Therefore, you can comb your hair only after it has become dry, and it does not matter if it dries naturally or with a hair dryer. At the same time, experts advise using wooden combs with natural bristles or professional Tangle Teezer.


The appearance of your hair also depends on whether you are getting enough vitamins and nutrients. One of the safest dietary supplements is biotin, which improves the absorption of B vitamins necessary for hair growth. Other trace elements - for example, zinc, calcium, selenium, iron - it is better to start drinking after a complete diagnosis of the body for the lack of certain vitamins, since one trace element can suppress another, which also needs to be brought back to normal. To get visible results and improve the health of the body as a whole, consult your doctor.


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