The Magician Of Happiness: Dr. Leonid Elkin - On The Needs And Fears Of Businessmen

The Magician Of Happiness: Dr. Leonid Elkin - On The Needs And Fears Of Businessmen
The Magician Of Happiness: Dr. Leonid Elkin - On The Needs And Fears Of Businessmen

Video: The Magician Of Happiness: Dr. Leonid Elkin - On The Needs And Fears Of Businessmen

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Elkin's method is a special practice of general healing of the body. It is based on the so-called manual modeling, with the help of which the author achieves rejuvenation and "reconstruction" of the whole body. Paired with Elkin almost from the very beginning of his activity - and this is already 20 years - a coach in therapeutic health-improving gymnastics has been working. Later, the team hired a psychologist and a yoga therapist, who primarily teaches how to breathe correctly. By the way, 97 percent of people do it wrong. And this applies to ventilation of the lungs and oxygen circulation. In men and women, the types of breathing are completely different - chest and abdominal. Elkin believes that proper breathing should be taught, rather, to women, because it is also responsible for a flat stomach. The therapist also teaches the so-called verticalization:in addition to breathing, a person must also stand and walk correctly (from heel to toe).

“From 1981 to 1983 I studied with a Chinese master. Then I lived in the Urals, was a student at the Medical Institute. For a long time I didn't quite understand why I needed it - it was just interesting. Imagine how wild it seemed to others at that time, - says Elkin. - After some time, when I was already over 30, I realized that I had helped a sufficient number of people and that in my hands, no matter how it sounds, there is strength. They came mainly with a request to rejuvenate the face: remove wrinkles, tighten the oval, work on the quality of the skin. " Over time, patients began to appear with pain in different parts of the body, as well as dissatisfied with their figure: the buttocks are not of the shape, the stomach hangs. When in the late 1990s, the country began to speak openly about oriental medicine, it became simply impossible to sign up for Elkin. There were also such patients as women who had just given birth,elderly people, children.

Leonid Elkin
Leonid Elkin

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The origins of the method underlying Elkin's practice stretch back to the times of Ancient China, when a panacea that preserves youth was not considered drugs, but manual effects on certain points of the body.

In his work, the doctor identifies the process of "aligning the head with the body", when the body begins to feel, and the head - to understand. “Let's say your body wants to rest, but your head insists that now is not the time and you still need to work. Or a person weighs 140 kg, and thoughts are always spinning in his head about what else to eat. The connection of the head with the body affects society, personal life, at work - on anything. Modern man does not think about his inner state at all. For example, he does not pay attention that he falls asleep and wakes up in a bad mood. This is the norm for him. After two weeks of rest, he feels tired. Changed jobs - the situation does not change, changed women - the same picture. A person can stand high on a social level, but in relation to himself, it is impossible to assemble a puzzle. These are the details that I combine."

Elkin also highlights the following problem: a modern person does not know how to listen to himself. In his opinion, no one taught us this. For example, when a person from one country moves to another, he is faced with a different mentality, and if he does not accept it - even if he has a job, has a place to live - he simply cannot be there. He wants to live exactly the same as before: drinking tea in the kitchen, talking about life. And there it is not accepted. “It kills morally,” says Elkin. - Here we begin to work together with a yoga therapist and a psychologist. We put the situation on our feet on our feet."

What request do patients come with most often?

The main advice of the doctor to those who are going to an appointment is to clearly formulate your request in advance. “People come to me for happiness,” Elkin says. - It seems funny: an adult comes and suddenly asks for this. But it turns out - this is absolutely my patient. Why? Because everything is in life. But there is no happiness. Why isn't he? Is the fat man mad? Not. Is the man crazy? Not. This is the question of connecting the head to the body."

Every second successful businesswoman, according to the doctor, laments her lack of personal life. “It's all about her model of male behavior, the presence of a large amount of male energy. That is, they choose not her in life, but she. " And when such a woman achieves material wealth, she suddenly remembers her desire to be loved. "And how to love such a woman if she herself cannot do it?"



They don't go to the doctor with the task of making money. This, according to Elkin, is the work of a psychotherapist or coach.

New face

Another popular request. People come for a "new" face, rather, by word of mouth, since it is very difficult for a person who is not familiar with at least Chinese medicine to believe that a doctor can do with his face what a cosmetologist achieves with the help of devices and injections. “I only use my hands. Let me remind you that the body is a biomass that can be melted. I can, for example, tighten the oval of the face. The result, of course, is not for a lifetime, but for ten years it will definitely be enough."

Chronic fatigue syndrome

This is a state when a person has exhausted himself in every sense: energetically, and physically, and psychophysically. In the worst case, it also happens that he does not know how to continue to live. In this syndrome, an integrated approach is important, including work on metabolic processes and on proper physical activity. Working on one aspect of the problem, you can go to the goal for a very long time and not the fact that it is successful.


Another popular query is dealing with fears. According to the doctor, in men, he is the only one - the fear of death. In women, two types are observed - this is the fear of being lonely and seeing yourself in the old mirror.

Elkin first works through the fear of death with "logical explanations", explaining the scheme of actions in which a person will live happily ever after, and then proceeds to manipulate his hands.




Changing the diet does not depend on whether a person wants to lose weight or become happy. In either case, it will have to be changed.

“Food is our medicine, and this must be understood. If you take the right medicine, you get well, and vice versa. " As an example, Elkin puts patients with a lot of weight, who all as one assure him that the reason for the extra pounds is "hormonal disruption", or justify themselves with the phrase "we live once." Not many are ready to admit to themselves. Someone understands that this is unhealthy, but they do not undertake to do anything about it.

"As long as I breathe, I will be like this" - the doctor often hears this phrase. “Sometimes I refuse such patients because they just enjoy this state. It is impossible to make you happy against your will”.

The first thing Elkin advises is to reduce the amount of food. After all, from childhood, we had a plan to "eat up for the future." The second is to control the total volume of fluid. And this is not about the classic two liters a day. The doctor thinks this is a wrong recommendation. After all, a person forgets to count the water that enters the body with food. And the body can remove a maximum of two liters per day. If water is retained, edema appears.

Elkin advises patients over 40 years old to reduce the amount of animal protein, which puts a tremendous strain on the kidneys and heart. But to reduce is not to remove. “Many people confuse the concepts: beef, lamb, pork are meat, but supposedly chicken, turkey, rabbit are not. Poultry is considered to be exactly the same animal protein. The same is about fish and seafood: the first is an excellent dietary food, the second is a product that is killer in terms of the amount of pure protein for the body."

The doctor advises to exclude wine and beer altogether. In men, they immediately "go into the stomach." Women have several troubles from wine - swelling, problems with the inner side of the thigh, and an overhanging tummy. The doctor also banned such a dish as sushi, which simultaneously contains four incompatible products (fatty fish, rice, seaweed and soy sauce). “The biochemistry of the average Russian is not adapted to such food. Sushi in the countries of South-East Asia is considered rather an expensive delicacy: 3-4 rolls will be ordered - and that's it. And how many of them do we eat? Two boats! So much for the extra pounds and digestive problems."

Healthy lifestyle

Elkin opposes the modern healthy lifestyle system. Chia and other superfood? The body of a person living in the middle lane does not know what it is. “It's the same as if we start feeding the Hindus with pancakes and dumplings for no reason. The body will not cope. A person should understand that correct, fresh, well-prepared food is better than some fashion,”the doctor concludes.>

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