Age Is Beautiful: 8 Stars Who Are Not Shy About Wrinkles On Instagram

Age Is Beautiful: 8 Stars Who Are Not Shy About Wrinkles On Instagram
Age Is Beautiful: 8 Stars Who Are Not Shy About Wrinkles On Instagram

Video: Age Is Beautiful: 8 Stars Who Are Not Shy About Wrinkles On Instagram

Video: Age Is Beautiful: 8 Stars Who Are Not Shy About Wrinkles On Instagram
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Social networks have become a separate reality, where everyone tries to look better in one way or another. A lot of celebrities post only carefully retouched pictures on Instagram.

Due to their professional employment, stars tend to invest a lot in their appearance, look younger than their age and (unwittingly) set the bar too high for their peers. Even proponents of natural beauty go through all the circles of Photoshop in advertising for big brands.

Against this background, it is nice to see a little more "earthly" stars, which show that they, like other women, change with age. After all, being an adult is beautiful and fun.

Daniela Peshtova (47 years old)

The Czech supermodel on her Instagram regularly posts selfies without retouching: with wrinkles and light pigmentation. Sports activities, specially selected skin care programs and an emphasis on hydration - thanks to these rules, Daniela maintains skin tone without a huge number of injections. At the same time, the model regularly shares her favorite products, including innovative serums and Korean fabric masks with snail mucus.

Uma Thurman (48 years old)

For glossy magazines and carpets, the actress does anti-aging makeup, actively modeling her face with light and shadow. However, on her Instagram, Uma Thurman rather carries the values of natural beauty. Most of the selfies and photos of the actress are not just without retouching, but also without makeup and styling. Uma Thurman does not hide wrinkles under the blur filters, and sometimes it may even seem that she specifically emphasizes her age characteristics.

Caroline de Maigret (43 years old)

The model and inspirer of many designers broadcasts the standards of French beauty on her Instagram page. Minimum makeup, natural styling, lively facial expressions without botox and fillers (or with a minimum of them). The image of the wise muse is complemented by unique reports from shows, exhibitions and travels.

Alena Doletskaya (63 years old)

"Not life, but a fairy tale" - this is the name of the bestseller of one of the most prominent editors-in-chief in the history of Russian gloss - Alena Doletskaya. This phrase and the slogan "Such as it is" can be characterized by Instagram Doletskaya. There are cute huskies, delicious breakfasts, shooting and travel. Periodically, Alena Stanislavovna shares her live photographs: somewhere out of focus, without retouching, with natural facial expressions and a minimal amount of makeup. Love for herself, her age, life and a sense of humor, characteristic of Doletskaya, make her the idol of women of different generations. She motivates not only to accept yourself at any period of life, but also to treat everything with ease and joking. Alena Doletskaya even writes beauty secrets for self-care in a cheerful and ironic manner, but very frankly and accurately.

Oksana Fandera (50 years old)

Oksana Fandera broadcasts a natural and changing femininity at different moments of life. Somewhere she is with styling, and somewhere with a deliberately sloppy bun in an embrace with her beloved dog, children or husband. Wrinkles or freckles? They only emphasize the bewitching beauty.

Ingeborga Dapkunaite (55 years old)

Another actress who proves by her example that age and beauty are a happy couple. Ingeborga Dapkunaite leads an active lifestyle, which she constantly shares in her account. Playing sports is an important part of character, not a fashionable lifestyle. The main feature of Ingeborga Dapkunaite's instagram page was not artificial frames, but a photo with an open, wide smile.

Ksenia Rappoport (44 years old)

A woman who does not have unsuccessful angles - this is exactly the definition that corresponds to the Instagram style of Ksenia Rappoport. The actress is not afraid to be funny or tired in photographs - with the stamp of a long flight and lack of sleep. And even on professional studio filming, Ksenia Rappoport does not adjust herself to the standards of gloss and social networks.

Natalia Vodianova (36 years old)

The supermodel and the founder of the Naked Heart charity fund actively follows the novelties in the cosmetic and cosmetology market, which she periodically tells her subscribers about. But, despite her beauty hobby, Natalia Vodianova calmly and confidently shows her face under lighting that emphasizes age-related changes. Because that's not something to be shy about.>

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