Is The Evolutionary Diet A New Healthy Lifestyle?

Is The Evolutionary Diet A New Healthy Lifestyle?
Is The Evolutionary Diet A New Healthy Lifestyle?

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For a long time, on Vika Gazinskaya's instagram, you can watch her healthy lifestyle stories. Recently, the designer revealed all the cards by creating a separate @food_as_a_delicious_medicine account dedicated to recipes for dishes prepared according to the ED system (evolutionary diet).

What it is?

The evolutionary diet is based on four principles: human evolution, the latest scientific discoveries, knowledge of traditional medicine and practical experience.

It was invented, developed and described in detail by Song Park, a master of martial and healing arts, founder of Kiaido Worldwide and the Kyiaido Academy. He is also a professor in the field of diagnostics and rehabilitation medicine (the Center for Integrative Medicine of the Scientific Center for Surgery of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences).

The bottom line is that Song Park does not view diet as a restriction in food choices in order to lose weight or recover. A diet according to its principle is, first of all, conscious nutrition. It begins with understanding what we need to stop eating and what we need to eat.

He divides all products into two categories: those that cause disease and inflammation, and, conversely, those that restore and maintain health.

These lists may seem strange not only to the layman, but also to experts, since they exclude many foods that are recognized as part of the diet basket or are simply considered healthy food.

Song proposes to reveal the full list of products in the process of presenting his evolutionary diet course (conducted both internally and remotely). As he writes on his Facebook page, the transition to ED is carried out in three stages: balancing the microbiome, restoring the gastrointestinal tract and microbiome, and finally taming the lectin-containing foods and gradually returning them to your regular diet.

Here are just a few facts from Song that most people do not know about today.

- Dairy products are made from milk, which can cause type I diabetes and other diseases. Reason: The main livestock of highly productive herds consists of Holstein and Ayrshire North European cows, mutated 2000 years ago. The result of the mutation is the protein casein A-1, instead of the healthy casein A-2, which helps to destroy the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans responsible for the production of insulin. The consequence was type I diabetes.

- Red meat - beef, pork, lamb and goat meat - contains the sugar Neu5-Ac, which provokes the destruction of the inner walls of the arteries and the deposition of cholesterol in the vessels, which leads to cardiovascular diseases. Also, this sugar contributes to the increase in malignant tumors.

- Fruits, when consumed in excess, especially non-seasonal, lead to liver overload and destruction of the kidney filtration system, as well as fat deposition and weight gain.

- Cereals contain plant poisons - lectins, leading to disruption of the mucous membrane and "perforation" of the intestine. As a result, undigested food, intestinal microorganisms and, in fact, lectins enter the body. However, whole grains contain more lectins than non-whole grains. Gluten is a type of lectin.

- Legumes contain lectins. Only with proper food preparation are lectins neutralized, otherwise eating legumes has the same effect as eating grains.

The rest of the facts can be found on the evolutionary diet Facebook page.>

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