Arrows Guide: Types, Best Tools And Top Tricks

Arrows Guide: Types, Best Tools And Top Tricks
Arrows Guide: Types, Best Tools And Top Tricks

Video: Arrows Guide: Types, Best Tools And Top Tricks

Video: Arrows Guide: Types, Best Tools And Top Tricks
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Classic arrows like Marilyn Monroe are perhaps one of the most popular. By the way, it is best to start learning this type of makeup with them. The width and intensity of the line can be chosen depending on the occasion (for a casual look, it is better to choose a thin stroke, and a wide one for an evening make-up).

No less popular, but more complex, or rather time-consuming, is the shaded arrow. Unlike the classic, this type of stroke makes the look more sensual and creates the effect of "cat's eyes". This is achieved due to a certain haze in the outer corner, and not a clear line that emphasizes the bend of the eyelashes, as in the classic look.

In addition to these two types of arrows, there are also colored or art arrows (using glitters, special bulk materials).

Classic or shaded arrows can always be made more bulky or crisp, which will give the image a rock and roll mood or a special cinematic look.

The best remedies

The most popular and convenient way to create any kind of arrow is eyeliner. There are a fairly large number of different types, but you should definitely add a gel or liquid one to your cosmetic bag with an applicator convenient for you. The felt-tip pen is usually liked by those who are just learning to draw arrows. However, the disadvantage of this tool is that it is uneconomical. Gel liner is good for both crisp graphic lines and feathering. Liquid eyeliner, however, is not quite malleable, as it dries quickly on the skin.

Eyeliner is also good for drawing arrows, especially with a feathery ponytail effect. True, finding a persistent and moderately soft kayal is quite difficult. You should always have a sharpener on hand to create the perfect arrows with a pencil, otherwise the lines will be uneven, which will make your makeup look casual.

Tricks and tricks

To draw a perfect arrow, it is important to consider the most important point: its tip should become, as it were, an upward extension of the ciliary line of the lower eyelid. Thus, the view will be more open.

Some makeup artists and bloggers recommend that you first draw a line along the lash line, then put a point that will become the tip of the intended arrow, and connect them from the center to the edge.

Others suggest using a piece of tape or special stencils that are glued at the base of the lower eyelid in the direction of the ciliary line. This method allows you to draw straight and neat arrows, but complicates the process and does not speed up the acquisition of the skill.

Elena Krygina advises drawing an arrow, mentally choosing a reference point where it will end. At the very end, the star makeup artist suggests using a cotton swab to erase all errors and give the tip a subtle and airy finish. You can use a concealer with a brush instead of a cotton swab.

When learning any techniques and techniques, it is important to understand that the arrows that are right for you are the result of training and experimentation.