A Detailed Guide To Korean Cosmetics: What, Where And Why To Buy

A Detailed Guide To Korean Cosmetics: What, Where And Why To Buy
A Detailed Guide To Korean Cosmetics: What, Where And Why To Buy

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Media formats that have become popular around the world

Korean cosmetics manufacturers invented or popularized several products at once, which today, after them, began to mass produce Western brands.

When you say "Korean cosmetics", the first thing that comes to mind is cloth masks. These funds conquered at once with all marketing techniques: a huge assortment for all occasions, bright packaging, as well as high efficiency at a low cost.

Cushon is another Korean miracle, but from the field of decorative cosmetics. The product - a sponge soaked in foundation in a case for powder - turned out to be not only convenient (the “foundation” is convenient to carry), but also effective. Easy and playful application for a smoother, smudge-free finish. By the way, the manufacturers after some time turned the cushion format into a universal one and produce blush, concealers and even lipsticks / glosses in this form.

The same fate befell tint - a decorative agent that is distinguished by a high content of pigment and durability. In addition to the listed advantages, this product allows you to achieve the most natural matte finish, the brightness of which can be adjusted by layering the product. As a result, a tint that appeared a few years ago to create the effect of kissed lips and a girlish blush also began to be produced for eyebrows.

And of course, one cannot fail to mention the patches. These beauty stickers, usually made of a jelly-like material and generously impregnated with the active substance, are now in the arsenal of almost every beauty enthusiast. Thanks to the compression format, moisturizing and nourishing cocktails penetrate much deeper, providing lightning-fast and bright results.

Bestsellers of Western brands

Of all the media with a Korean background, there are some real hits.

Brands you can trust

Some of the first authentically Korean brands to appear in Russia are Tony Moly, Holika Holika and Dr. Jart +. The latter, by the way, is often mistaken for a European brand hiding behind a Korean background. However, this marketing model is more suitable for Erborian, whose products are manufactured in France. In addition to time-tested brands, when choosing cosmetics from Korea, you should look at the Ultru brand with its I'm Sorry For My Skin gel masks, Welcos oils and hair masks, Missha and Blithe brands with their splash masks.

Best Selling Korean Brands

What you need to know about Korean favorite ingredients

One of the most unusual and popular ingredients is snail mucin. It is a mixture of water, special protein and antioxidants that are responsible for hydration and regeneration. Snail mucus is obtained from special garden snails, and most importantly, without harming the molluscs.

Horse fat is another item in many Korean remedies that, unfortunately, is not humanely harvestable. This fat is similar to the secretion produced on the surface of the human skin, so it heals damage and deeply moisturizes, nourishes and plumps. It works similarly to keratin, which is why it is often used in facial and hair products.

Also, Korean manufacturers prefer ingredients such as natto (a polypeptide from fermented soybeans, a powerful antioxidant), swallow nests (a special kind of delicacy also called "swallow saliva" that promotes regeneration and is high cost) and egg white (used to narrow pores and grease control).

If it is important to you that the product is vegan, pay special attention to the composition of Korean products. You can find cruelty-free here too.


Hydrogel mask with snail mucus SKIN79
Hydrogel mask with snail mucus SKIN79

Hydrogel mask with snail mucus SKIN79

Where to buy online and offline

It is convenient to buy Korean cosmetics online. Large brands have Russian-language sites that are easily searched for by brand name. Multibrand stores are easy to find by request "Korean cosmetics", one of the most famous is Pudra.ru. Many products can be bought offline at the Rive Gauche and Ile de Baute stores.>

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