Useful Cold: Ice, Contrast Shower And Other Procedures For Tone

Useful Cold: Ice, Contrast Shower And Other Procedures For Tone
Useful Cold: Ice, Contrast Shower And Other Procedures For Tone

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Low temperatures in short-term spot application accelerate blood circulation and activate intercellular exchange. Therefore, cosmetic procedures that use any kind of cold, improve the quality of the skin, its elasticity, give radiance and tone, smooth out fine expression lines.

The easiest and at the same time the most effective way is to massage the face with cosmetic cubes. You can find ready-made ones from cosmetic brands or make them yourself using decoctions of useful herbs. With such a massage, it is important to quickly glide ice over the previously cleansed skin, without staying in one place for more than two to three seconds (otherwise, there is a high probability of chilling the nerves or causing inflammation).

There are also reusable gel masks that keep the temperature low for a long time. For the eyes or the entire face, depending on their shape. These masks do not contain any care components, since the gel that keeps the cold is sealed. Therefore, it is better to enhance the effect of such a simple beauty gadget - apply serums or masks to the skin before using it. Thanks to local stimulation of blood flow, the beneficial ingredients of the products will work more actively. And do not store reusable gel glasses and masks in the freezer, as this cold can be harmful, as well as improper massage with ice cubes. It is best to refrigerate this home cryotherapy accessory in the refrigerator.

Cold manipulation is also beneficial for edema. Therefore, fabric and any other masks, including patches, are best kept in the refrigerator. So the funds will work twice as powerful, not only providing the effect indicated on the package, but also removing swelling and puffiness. To this list, you can add any metal facial massagers, whose effectiveness is also enhanced if used cold.

Any type of home cryo-skin care is contraindicated for those who have rosacea or a tendency to it. Couperosis is a disease caused by the fact that the capillaries, having lost their elasticity, stop narrowing and begin to shine through the skin. As mentioned above, such manipulations affect the narrowing and expansion of blood vessels and capillaries, which is completely undesirable with their low elasticity.

Photo: donikz / shutterstock
Photo: donikz / shutterstock


In body care, cold is used according to the same principle - and this method works great in the fight against cellulite. There is plenty to turn around here: from masks and gels with a cooling effect to a contrast shower.

The latter is an opportunity to harden and get rid of cellulite at home. It accelerates blood circulation not only where the water pressure is directed, but throughout the body, which over time also helps to strengthen the immune system.

The rules for taking a contrast shower for beginners are very simple and understandable: you need to do the procedure regularly, gradually increasing the time of the hot / cold water flow, and substitute all parts of the body under the jets one by one, except for the head. Three to five temperature changes are enough, you always need to start with hot water, and end with cold water, and then rub your body well with a towel. Experts recommend introducing the procedure during the summer season, when the level of viruses and diseases is lower.

It is interesting that a contrast shower can be taken not only in the morning for vivacity, but also an hour before bedtime. Scientists claim that this method makes sleep deeper. The beneficial effects of cold treatments on overall emotional well-being are also supported by clinical research. In a third of people with depression or anxiety, symptoms decreased by at least 50 percent after regular use of contrast showers.

Dousing with low temperature water is no less effective than a contrast shower, but requires more preparation. The fact is that, unlike, for example, swimming in an ice-hole while pouring cold water on the body, the body does not overcool, but, on the contrary, warms up. This simple procedure helps to strengthen the immune system, increase stress resistance and concentration, and improve the emotional state.

Before you start pouring cold water (below 12 degrees), you need to consult a doctor and never start this type of hardening of the body during a period of illness or weakened immunity.


Hair washing can be finished by pouring cold water. The flow of blood to the hair roots will accelerate their growth, plus cool water better closes the scales that make up the outer shell of the hair, due to which it becomes smooth and shiny. You can also add cooling agents to your hair, namely menthol shampoos. Thanks to them, it is possible to influence, among other things, hair growth, since by accelerating blood circulation, dormant hair follicles "wake up". Such shampoo must be evenly distributed over the scalp, then hold for several minutes, combining it with a light massage, and rinse with warm water.


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