7 Stars Who Are Proud Of Small Breasts

7 Stars Who Are Proud Of Small Breasts
7 Stars Who Are Proud Of Small Breasts

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Keira Knightley

"I have no complexes about flat breasts," says Knightley and has emphasized this in all interviews and filming for many years. But photographers and retouchers often try to make her breasts visually larger: “They always finish painting it. It just annoys me,”Knightley says. The first scandal on this issue erupted in 2004, when Kira saw a poster for the movie "King Arthur", in which her breasts were enlarged using Photoshop. “I don’t think people will like me more if I have big breasts,” the actress said then. After this incident, a number of others followed, but Knightley strictly monitors the filming, and in 2014 agreed to shoot topless for The Interview with only one condition - if they did not retouch her breasts.

Emma Watson

Today Emma is not only a popular actress, but also a UN Goodwill Ambassador for the Protection of Women's Rights. So, one of the directions of her work was the fight against the objectification of the female body. Watson has said more than once that personality and natural beauty are more important than anything else. “I repeat to myself every time that I am a person who was not created to look like a doll,” emphasizes Emma. She does not see anything sexy in a lush bust with a deep cleavage, and she does not seek to emphasize and increase her breasts of the first size with the help of push-up bras. “My idea of ​​sexuality is that the less open, the more interest,” says Emma and rarely appears in public in cut-out dresses.

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich has the first breast size. But for social events, she often chooses dresses with a deep neckline. Milla - for naturalness. So, the 43-year-old actress does not accept photoshop: in 2016 she starred topless for Pop Magazine, asking not to retouch her breasts, and recently on her Instagram Jovovich posted a frame in which she poses in a tight T-shirt. At the end of the long post, she added a postscript: “And yes, I'm flat. Sorry!" By the way, in the comments, fans praise the actress for such a signature and call her perfect breasts.

Natalie Portman

At the beginning of her career, actress Natalie Portman refused to act naked: she admitted that she was embarrassed by her small breasts, even asked to cut out explicit scenes from the movie "Intimacy". But later, on the contrary, Natalie's figure and her zero size became her strong point. It is not known if she would have been able to play "V for Vendetta", which brought her popularity and the Saturn Award, if she had listened to the advice of "well-wishers" and had a mammoplasty. Portman now claims that he considers natural small breasts to be beautiful, and even after the birth and breastfeeding of two children, he is not going to go to plastic surgeons.

Cameron Diaz

“My mother always told me that perfect breasts fit in a glass of champagne,” Cameron Diaz said in an interview. "And I agree with her." The actress - as she teaches in her book "On the Body" - loves herself as she is, does not worry at all about the first breast size and even considers him "cocky". “Many women think that the secret of success is that breasts have to be large, but I am living proof that a lot can be achieved with a small one,” Diaz emphasizes. And she is right: the first size did not prevent her from becoming a sex symbol of Hollywood, building a career as an actress and getting married.

Kendall Jenner

It seems that Kendall is the only one from the Kardashian clan - Jenner, who did not turn to a plastic surgeon for curvaceous forms. Kendall has her natural first breast size. And she is proud of this, often choosing “naked” dresses with a spectacular neckline: “I love to show off my breasts. I think this is one of my chips. " The management of the Calvin Klein brand also thought about it, inviting the models to star in an advertising campaign for their Underwear lingerie line.

Emma Stone

"The best recipe for beauty is to be yourself", - is convinced Emma Stone. The actress does not recognize mammoplasty, and her first breast size has never been a problem for her. By her example, she dispels the myth that dresses with a neckline are contraindicated for girls with small breasts. On the red carpet, she often wears them and admits that she feels sexy. Surprisingly, the first time Emma showed her bare breasts in the frame was only this year - in an episode of the historical drama "Favorite". In order to make the scene "more emotional", she said. As a result, the actress is proud of her deed and believes that small breasts only help her.>

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