The Best In Wellness: Who To Sign Up For In October

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The Best In Wellness: Who To Sign Up For In October
The Best In Wellness: Who To Sign Up For In October

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Thomas Andersen


Beauty Center "White Garden"

Thomas Andersen, a well-known osteopath from Denmark, has come to the health and beauty center "White Garden" at the Hotel "Metropol". He will be holding reception until October 9th. Andersen practices "Rolfing" - this is structural integration, that is, deep massage of connective tissues and work with fascia. It rebuilds the work of muscles, straightens posture and generally improves well-being.

Like any osteopath, Thomas Andersen works only with his hands on the surface of the skin, but his manipulations contribute to the resorption of internal "adhesions" and, as far as possible, return the tissues to their primary pre-traumatic state. He pays special attention to the spine: he removes long-term clamps, gradually "untwisting" the entire so-called clamp structure, which affects nearby tissues and organs, disrupting their normal work. As a rule, in three to five sessions, the osteopath returns the problem area to the state as close as possible to the initial one, before the clamp is formed.

Andersen also has his own method of working with scars - both old and fresh - and scar tissue. It helps smooth out blemishes and improve the appearance of the skin. The scar, of course, does not completely dissolve and does not disappear, but Andersen's technique minimizes possible troubles and further inevitable spasms, adhesions and clamps that any postoperative or burn scar entails.


Ata Kelly

Integrative Medicine Physician

Clinic Remedy Lab

Ata Kelly, Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, acupuncture physician and integrative medicine physician at the Remedy Lab clinic, will resume her appointment in Moscow from October 10.

“I rely on an integrated approach to the human body, typical of oriental medicine, and I believe that everything necessary to restore and maintain health and youthfulness of the skin is already present in it. My task is to restore the system and help it to work at full strength. Acupuncture is one of the ways that this complex mechanism is triggered,”says Kelly about her technique.

In fact, Ata Kelly works according to the principles of Chinese medicine, where acupuncture sessions are given great attention. It is believed that they provide not only anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, but also an excellent relaxing and antidepressant effect. The needles release serotonin, a neurotransmitter that reduces susceptibility to negative emotions.

Ata Kelly has already been loved by thousands of patients in the US and Russia. First of all, for the fact that it successfully treats infertility and, in particular, significantly increases the success of IVF. In addition, patients undergo treatment not only for various gynecological and neurological diseases, but also achieve success in reducing excess weight and in anti-age programs.


Alexey Kotov

personal trainer

City Retreat by Pro Trener Club

In October, trainer Alexei Kotov, co-founder of Pravilo.Moscow and author of the personal training system on the Pravilo simulator, will start working at the City Retreat by Pro Trener premium wellness club. The patented movement is designed according to the proportions of the golden ratio of Leonardo da Vinci. One of the main advantages of the simulator is a targeted, accurate, physiological effect on the body by stretching muscle tissues, ligaments, tendons and fascial system. And a personalized approach helps you get the most out of every workout. The coach selects an individual program for the client, determines the level of load, controls the technique of performing exercises and records the physical changes that occur.

Alexey Kotov relies on numerous studies in the field of psychosomatics, confirming the effect of the psyche on the human body. Science has already proven to one degree or another that muscle tension caused by a number of psychological and emotional factors can lead to health problems. And chronic stress in turn blocks the energy that underlies strong positive emotions. Constant mental and emotional stress can have a negative effect. Elimination of muscle clamping due to non-standard physical activity, when the arms and legs are in a fixed position, leads to a feeling of lightness and releases energy, which can be felt by a person as a strong emotional uplift. By removing muscle tension, freedom of movement and a richness of sensations can be restored. Kotov and his followers claimthat emotions become brighter and the body more sensitive.>

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