How To Properly Care For Your Hair At Sea

How To Properly Care For Your Hair At Sea
How To Properly Care For Your Hair At Sea

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Photo: Element5 Digital / Unsplash

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A couple of weeks before your holiday trip, you should prepare your hair for the climate change. The fact is that not only sea water and the sun's rays negatively affect their condition, but also wind, and humidity, and high temperatures. It will not be superfluous to conduct a preparatory course using moisturizing and nourishing masks. It can be both cosmetic products and natural oils.

A few weeks before the vacation, you should not expose your hair to chemical influences: dyeing, bleaching, curling and keratin straightening. All these procedures, to one degree or another, thin the hair structure, which in a maritime climate will lead to an increase in fragility, disobedience and section.

On a rest

Thanks to cosmetic brands, the press and expert opinions of doctors, the problem of protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation has become widespread. However, the same question, but in terms of hair health, is not yet so popularized. That is why many do not use special products when caring for curls at sea.

Going on vacation, it is better to slightly adjust your usual hair care: choose a conditioner or spray with a UV mark (you can use any shampoo.)

Before you cleanse your hair and scalp after being on the beach, it is best to first apply any oil (coconut, argan, almond) or conditioner with a few drops of oil to your hair. Thanks to this, hair that is prone to dryness at sea will not lose moisture during shampooing. It also helps to detangle hair and make it easier to comb. At the same time, at the end of cleansing, it is also important to use a moisturizing mask or conditioner along with oils. It is the intensive moisturizing that is the best way to keep your hair healthy while on vacation in hot countries.

You should not dry your hair with a hairdryer or use devices (curling irons, straightening irons) during a beach holiday. If possible, it is better to give your hair a break from styling and dry it naturally. At the same time, combing wet hair is also not welcome, since this way they are more exposed to loss and sectioning.

After rest

Upon returning from vacation, it is worth intensively nourishing your hair using masks and natural oils. And with a revitalizing salon treatment and a few centimeters cut, your hair will look as rested as you do.>

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