Face Fitness Guide: Taping, Cupping And Facial Gymnastics

Face Fitness Guide: Taping, Cupping And Facial Gymnastics
Face Fitness Guide: Taping, Cupping And Facial Gymnastics

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Gymnastics for the face

What is it. The direction of face fitness, which does not require any accessories or improvised means. The only thing that is necessary for the result is regularity and careful study of the trainer's techniques. Facial gymnastics is based on the contraction of the muscles of the face and neck - relaxation and tension of certain zones. Some exercises sometimes involve using the fingers to increase the load and effectiveness of the exercise.

On the one hand, this is the most accessible type of face fitness in every sense, since there is no need to look for and buy any additional means and accessories, while gymnastics can be done anywhere. On the other hand, this direction can be compared to body weight training, which means that this type requires a more careful and in-depth study of the anatomy of the face, unique features and professional techniques. In other words, gymnastics for the face, with all its availability, takes more time to study and immerse. “The most important thing in facial gymnastics is technique. Therefore, in order to hone it and do everything right, it is better to perform exercises in front of a mirror, check your results by taking photographs, and ask questions to experts. But be sure to start doing gymnastics in front of the mirror so that you see yourself and that,what are you doing,”says licensed specialist Anastasia Burdyug.

Results. With the help of gymnastics, you can not only sharpen the facial features, reduce mimic wrinkles and remove the “rings of Venus” on the neck, but also make the “bruises” under the eyes less noticeable, correct the shape of the nose and change the look.


What is it. The direction of face fitness, in which with the help of a special adhesive tape (hence the name: tape - from the English. "Tape") "problem" areas of the face are corrected. It is especially effective in case of stagnation of intercellular fluid, tissue compaction and lack of tone of mimic zones. The main point of this method is that tapes are glued to the skin in the direction of the massage lines (each zone has its own width, strength, length and pressure). In this way, the necessary muscles are fixed, which leads to their tone or activity.

Special tapes are impregnated with safe glue, which is activated at body temperature and firmly adheres to the skin, which allows taping from 30 minutes to 8 hours. The cost of the kinesiological tape is 400–600 rubles, and it is consumed quite economically.

“The kinesio taping method was developed in 1973 by Dr. Kenzo Kase. Appropriately applied tape promotes slow release of tense muscles or their fixation. For a lasting result, aesthetic taping of the face can be performed regularly,”says trainer Victoria Kushnareva.

Results. This method helps to eliminate puffiness, improve facial contours, reduce double chin, smooth out wrinkles in the forehead, nasolabial area and around the eyes, as well as eliminate asymmetry.

Vacuum massage with cups

What is it. The direction of face fitness, which is built on self-massage with the help of special small suction cups. During this massage, microcirculation is enhanced, which has a beneficial effect on facial tone, collagen production and skin renewal in general. The latter, by the way, occurs due to microtraumas - rupture of capillaries. “You don't need to test yourself for endurance with vacuum cans. A balance is needed in everything - the volume of microtraumas received during the massage should not be too large to disrupt recovery processes, but sufficient to activate them,”notes Vera Krasivaya, the author of an Instagram account about face fitness with the telling name @rezultatnalitso.

Massage with special cans should be done carefully along the massage lines, after cleansing the skin and applying natural oil. By the way, after the oil must be washed off so as not to cause clogging of the pores. With its high efficiency, vacuum facial massage is perhaps the most traumatic of all directions. Therefore, before proceeding with this procedure, it is important to carefully study the techniques and schemes. With open rashes, this type of face fitness is not worth it, since there is a high probability of increasing the degree of acne.

Results. The procedure improves tone, relief, makes the face shine, relieves puffiness, double chin, stagnant spots and mimic wrinkles, increases the effectiveness of the products (masks, serums, creams) applied after the massage.>

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