YouTube Bloggers With Whom You Will Definitely Learn To Paint

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YouTube Bloggers With Whom You Will Definitely Learn To Paint
YouTube Bloggers With Whom You Will Definitely Learn To Paint

Video: YouTube Bloggers With Whom You Will Definitely Learn To Paint

Video: YouTube Bloggers With Whom You Will Definitely Learn To Paint
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In times of open access to any information, learning how to apply concealer and properly blend foundation is an absolutely feasible task for any girl. Of course, it is better to entrust makeup for a special occasion to a professional, but in other cases why not try to do it yourself? We'll tell you which YouTube bloggers you are guaranteed to learn to paint with.

Lisa Eldridge

1.6 million subscribers

Lisa Eldridge is a perfect example of a real expert being in demand at all times. Before the advent of the Internet era, she became famous for her collaboration with Cindy Crawford and the development of a line of decorative cosmetics for the major Japanese brand Shiseido. For seven years now, Lisa Eldridge has been teaching girls how to choose a foundation, shape eyebrows and highlight accents with a highlighter. Thanks to Lisa's beauty lessons, you can not only learn how to enlarge lips without injections or quickly draw arrows, but also tighten up your English. The calm voice combined with the British pronunciation is more than disposed to.

Wayne Goss

3 million subscribers

"Crazy hands" of the beauty industry - this is how you can call the channel of makeup artist Wayne Goss. While most bloggers share their secret tips in the format of a long video tutorial on creating a full-fledged make-up, Goss usually records a video showing one trick. Her release that a drop of any oil added to foundation will help achieve perfect coverage, has over 2 million views.

Shadow Panosyan

1.1 million subscribers

Shadow Panosian is famous for her boundless self-irony and incredible resemblance to Kim Kardashian (which contributed to her popularity). The blogger does not focus on quantity, but on quality. Her beauty channel does not often please with updates, but each new video has a lively and understandable plot, a lot of information about new products, cheap analogs of expensive products, secrets and tricks. The makeup releases are so detailed that Shadow doesn't even cut out the moments where she herself went wrong. And this is great captivating.

Elena Krygina

766K subscribers

Favorite makeup artist and friend of Nika Belotserkovskaya a few years ago literally opened the world of makeup and personal care to many Russian girls. How to independently draw thick and beautiful eyebrows, how to properly contour and choose red lipstick - these and many other important life hacks Elena Krygina shared with those who were not ready to learn makeup from English-speaking bloggers. Despite the high competition, Elena continues to shoot topical issues, which have become of higher quality from the visual side, but have not lost their main feature - simplicity and irony in communicating with the audience.

Carly Biebel

5.5 million subscribers

This blogger's video tutorials will especially appeal to those who love makeup in the spirit of Instagram and Kylie Jenner. Bright accents on lips, eyes, heavy contouring - it's all just in the style of Carly Biebel. In addition to lessons on creating smoky eyes in almost all shades, the blogger periodically pleases his subscribers with "transformations". On her channel you can find detailed instructions on how to repeat the makeup of Miranda Kerr, Gigi Hadid and even Daenerys Targaryen.

Desi Perkins

2.6 million subscribers

Blogger Desi Perkins boasts not only a number of followers, but also exemplary eyebrows and glowing skin. It was these two distinctive features of appearance, combined with cognitive content, that brought her success. The video on how to draw dream eyebrows has been viewed by almost a million viewers. Perkins also shows and explains in detail how to create perfect skin effect for minor breakouts and redness. In addition, on her channel you can find lessons on creating bright, creative and everyday images that are worth mastering after basic videos.>

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