Popular Mechanic: Do You Need A Washing Machine?

Popular Mechanic: Do You Need A Washing Machine?
Popular Mechanic: Do You Need A Washing Machine?

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Cleansing is one of the main steps in skin care. Unsurprisingly, brands are giving it a lot of attention, constantly introducing new products to improve and diversify this process. One of these tricks is washing machines.

1. Brushes

An important and distinctive feature of brushes without a motor is not only their ergonomics, but also a more affordable price. These gadgets are more likely to improve the effectiveness of your skin cleanser, as they create more foam and require less product. In addition, a light massage makes the skin more prepared for the application of serums, masks or creams. Similar devices that require manual dexterity are available from the Shiseido and Sisley brands. But they should not be used by those who have sensitive skin or active rashes.

2. Rotating brushes

The rotating cleansing brushes are a portable version of the bsassa device, a popular salon treatment. “This is the cleansing of the surface layer of the skin using various rotating attachments. During this procedure, dead cells are exfoliated, products of the sebaceous glands and make-up residues are removed, and a light massage of the skin takes place,”cosmetologist Victoria Filimonova says in her Instagram blog. However, using brushes such as Clarisonic or Clinique is not suitable for everyone. Again, this group includes the owners of sensitive skin that has lost its elasticity, during the period of rosacea or exacerbation of acne.

In any case, experts advise against using these gadgets on a daily basis. “Almost all exfoliating procedures give quick and good results. Skin color, relief is evened out, the number of comedones decreases, pores are narrowed. But if such exfoliation is carried out too often, then the skin perceives it as an aggressive effect and begins to defend itself - it coarsens and thickens, which leads to an uneven complexion, enlarged pores and a rougher appearance of the skin,”says cosmetologist Victoria Filimonova.

3. Silicone devices for washing

There are also silicone analogues of the above gadgets, among which the most famous is Foreo. The operation of this device is based on the principle of pulsation, which is used in cosmetology for lifting and anti-aging procedures.

Due to active advertising in beauty and video blogs, some got the impression that all the compliments to the device are the result of a large-scale PR campaign. However, independent sources claim that the silicone brush from the Swedish manufacturer is a good investment in the health of your skin. Yes, Foreo devices cannot boast of deep cleansing, but they are effective as a facial massager.



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