What Is Boxing: Instructions For Beginners

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What Is Boxing: Instructions For Beginners
What Is Boxing: Instructions For Beginners

Video: What Is Boxing: Instructions For Beginners

Video: What Is Boxing: Instructions For Beginners
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Boxing as a philosophy

Karate, kung fu or judo are not only types of martial arts, but also types of oriental philosophy, an understanding of life, learned through combat. “Boxing / boxing” for the people who do it is also a philosophy, only Western. Boxing shows a person who he is and what he is capable of.

The first workout is the first step to overcoming yourself, your fears and excuses. Each next workout, and, of course, the first entry into the ring even in training sparring is a challenge to yourself.

Boxing as training

Boxing is one of the most energy consuming sports. Thanks to regular exercise, excess weight goes away, muscles and long-awaited abs cubes appear and develop. In addition, boxing strengthens the cardiovascular system and nerves.

Boxing is not only functional training (endurance and explosive work of muscles), but also the development of flexibility, coordination, speed of decision-making and psychological stability. A lot depends on the tasks that you set for the coach and for yourself.

There are no special contraindications for boxing - only severe health restrictions (hernias that prevent free movement, high blood or intracranial pressure, heart problems), in which any other game sport will also be contraindicated.

Otherwise, there are no restrictions, there are only different degrees of immersion.

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Boxing for beginners: first steps

Unlike many sports, boxing is easy to get started.

All you need to do is shorts, a T-shirt and comfortable sports shoes. You can study not only in specialized gyms, but in general anywhere - in a park or even in your own apartment.

But there is another problem for a beginner - to start practicing, you need to come to a boxing gym. There is a widespread myth that this is a closed society that is difficult to accept newcomers. This template appeared for a reason, but the situation has changed a long time ago: now the boxing gym is primarily a community of people passionate about one philosophy.

The boxing gym is a community of people passionate about one philosophy
The boxing gym is a community of people passionate about one philosophy

The boxing gym is a community of people passionate about the same philosophy © Unsplash

How is boxing training going?

  1. Warm up. Any workout begins with it: it can be several rounds with a rope (a classic warm-up in boxing) or on a rowing machine.
  2. Joint gymnastics. With its help, joints are kneaded to avoid injury.
  3. The main part of the workout. Its composition depends on many factors: your tasks, the coach's program, the specific workout you came to, or even the day of the week (for example, functional training takes place in a particular gym on Wednesdays, and sparring on Fridays). At the first training session, in 90% of cases, there will be a boxing school - the correct formulation of movements, technique of strikes and defense. But not only beginners are engaged in this: in boxing, the correct technique has been developed over the years, so people who have been practicing for a long time will make elements in the same row with beginners. This is usually followed by work in pairs or on apparatus (depending on the task of the trainer). In personal training - practicing blows or defense with a trainer on the paws.
  4. Cool down. At the end of any workout there is a hitch - abdominal and back exercises and stretching.

How to set goals in boxing

So, you overcame your fear, laziness and other excuses and started training. At this stage, it is important to understand what you want to get out of boxing.

Put on technique: if you are betting on boxing as the basis of your sports life, then you need to go to training at least three times a week and sometimes work with a personal trainer.

Keep fit: if you want to remember everything you have learned, and if you are involved in a sport, then two times will be enough. Here, the effectiveness of your training will also depend on the coach.

Boxing now is not only a classic single combat, but also a type of functional training. For example, girls often do not spar and do not immerse themselves in technical details - boxing can work as fun intense physical education that allows you to work out all muscle groups.

Boxing Myths

It is traumatic

No more than any other type of high-intensity training. In the first workouts, they are unlikely to even give something to hit, and they are allowed to spar only after you put the technique

This is for boys

Boxing is a versatile sport that works well for people of all ages, regardless of gender.

Only arms swing

In fact, footwork in boxing is almost more important than the delivered blow - you need to constantly move and keep your distance

Learn to hit and get over the head

Boxing is a complex sport. Moreover, at first everyone is taught to defend and put a blow, and not everyone reaches sparring

Boxing is a sport for dumb

In fact, boxing depends on coordination, attentiveness, reaction speed, discipline and the ability to calculate everything several moves ahead.

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How to choose a boxing hall?

All this is important when choosing the hall you are going to visit.

Send your child to sports: if you want your child not only to exercise and learn the basics of boxing, but to become an athlete and go to competitions, then it is better to contact the specialized gyms (Torpedo, CSKA or Spartak Lyubertsy).

Diversify Fitness: Fitness clubs often have boxing and other martial arts sections. There you can try and understand whether it is yours or not - but it is better to fully engage in specialized gyms.

To engage in a new sport: now in Moscow and in Russia there are specialized gyms of a new format (Rocky Road Gym in Moscow or Back Yard Gym in St. Petersburg). These gyms are more like the gyms that can be seen in the USA or England - here are beginners, people who already know something, and professionals train together.

These rooms are distinguished by a family atmosphere and are often local: everyone knows each other, which creates a special energy and a sense of belonging. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a regular: people with a similar philosophy gather here who have overcome laziness and want to develop. Such gyms can be chosen by recommendation, or, for example, by social networks - look at the atmosphere and the coaches, imagine whether you will be comfortable studying there. If so, go to the first lesson.

How much does a boxing lesson cost

Prices, as well as goals and objectives, vary. In public halls, prices are lower, in private ones - higher.

On average, an individual training session with a coach in Moscow can range from 1,500 to 5,000 rubles, depending on the gym. Group training - from 500 to 2000 rubles, respectively.

The author of the article is Sergey Amaryan, one of the founders of the Rocky Road GYM boxing gym>