5 Trends Of Manicure-2018: "petrol" Stains, Comics, Neat Rhinestones

5 Trends Of Manicure-2018: "petrol" Stains, Comics, Neat Rhinestones
5 Trends Of Manicure-2018: "petrol" Stains, Comics, Neat Rhinestones

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T-shaped pattern

Geometric design has not gone out of style for several years. However, next year, a drawing in the form of the letter T will replace dots and thin lines. The choice of this particular letter does not make any sense. Perhaps this form is so fond of foreign masters due to the fact that the drawing visually lengthens the nail plate and at the same time looks quite neat and stylish.

"Gasoline" stains

If last year passed under the sign of rubbing (a special powder that is rubbed over a sticky layer to create a mirror effect), then 2018 promises to be remembered for the popularity of a holographic shade similar to gasoline stains. The obvious and indisputable plus of such coverage is its relevance under any circumstances. From a distance, it looks just dark purple or black, and up close it already plays with all the colors of the rainbow.

Large sequins

With each season, the sparkles increase not only in quantity, but also in size. In 2018, one of the main trends will be coatings with large glitter, which can also be of various sizes. To create such a manicure, apply glitter polish in several layers or use dry glitter.

Comic design

The graceful patterns on the floral theme will be replaced by brighter and more catchy comic-style drawings. Clear lines, borders, lack of volume, rich colors and small elements - now each nail can tell its own story. You can take inspiration from contemporary artists or Marvel comics.

Neat rhinestones

2000s got to the manicure. There are many ways to decorate your nails with rhinestones. For example, line the shine along the cuticle against a transparent or subtle background. Lovers of experiments should take into account that rhinestones can create various symbols and shapes - hearts, stars - or completely cover their nails with them.>

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