Makeup And Hairstyles: The Main Beauty Trends -

Makeup And Hairstyles: The Main Beauty Trends -
Makeup And Hairstyles: The Main Beauty Trends -

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No contouring

A clean face with radiant healthy skin is the main trend of the upcoming spring-summer 2018 season. Well-defined cheekbones, facial contour along the hairline are signs of irrelevant makeup. Instead of contouring the face, in the coming season it is better to emphasize freshness - just focus on the blush.

Short haircuts

Bobs and bobs have become not only the favorite haircuts of the main it girls (Bella Hadid, Olivia Culpo, Kendall Jenner), but also favorites of the past fashion weeks. At the Moschino show, all the models appeared with short haircuts "like a boy" with textured strands - these were, of course, wigs. And at the Tom Ford show, renowned hair stylist Orlando Pita opted for styling that mimics different types of short haircuts.


In the next season, massive and bright hairpins will replace simple and laconic invisible hairpins. So, at the Simone Rocha show, models took to the catwalk with "no styling" curls gathered behind the ears using pearl-studded hairpins. Dolce & Gabbana also used flower pins.

Lip gloss

The main trend in lip makeup is sheer gloss. However, any glitter will not work here. Choose as transparent as possible, with a minimum of shiny particles and colors. By the way, it is worth applying lip gloss in the coming season not only to clean lips, but also over colored lipsticks.

Bundles tied with elastic bands

It is quite difficult to surprise with unusual beams. Deliberately disheveled strands, braids, ribbons, plaits - such manipulations were in past seasons. In the future, the most fashionable type of bundle is tied with elastic bands. Although the bundle looks quite intricate from the side, it requires a minimum of effort and a lot of elastic bands. You can use accessories that match your hair color, as did Alberta Ferretti, or you can drag your hair with bright neon elastic bands - as at the Fenty Puma show.

Ponytail arrows

The solution for those who do not want to learn how to draw perfect arrows. Ponytails can be in a thin line (Jil Sander), a wide stroke (Jason Wu), or more creatively, like a mascara brush print (Lanvin), which was created using the eyeliner and fluted part of the cocktail straw.>

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