Matching Pantone: 10 Greenest Beauty Products

Matching Pantone: 10 Greenest Beauty Products
Matching Pantone: 10 Greenest Beauty Products

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Energie De Vie Nuit, Lancôme and Wonder Mud, Biotherm

Despite the external data, masks Energie De Vie Nuit, Lancôme and Wonder Mud, Biotherm, on the contrary, get rid of the green tint (face). The first is if the reason is lack of sleep, the second is when the skin needs detox., Beautyblender

Tiny make-up sponges are not only pleasing to the eye, but also do a good job of applying tone in its area (not the easiest, frankly).

Un Jardin Sur Le Toit, Hermès

The more a person immerses himself in the modern urban world, the stronger his inner need to reunite with nature - this is one of the reasons why the juicy green-yellow hue will be popular next year, according to Pantone's forecast. And if Greenery had a scent, it would definitely be like two peas in a pod similar to Un Jardin Sur Le Toit: firstly, the story of the legendary Jean-Claude Ellen's Roof Garden fits well in concept, and secondly, the very composition of notes of grass, red apple, pear, rose, magnolia and rosemary does not raise a single question - you just need to spray and inhale the scent.

Liquid Effect Pencil (shade Green Glow), Max Factor

The shade you are looking for can be found in the arsenal of Max Factor, the official partner of the recent Victoria's Secret runway show. This year, the brand's makeup artists did not use it, but next year, the eyeliner of the color of juicy green will surely be in front of the sexiest women on the planet.

Suncare, Bakel

If you are going on a winter vacation to hot countries, a tube of Bakel sunscreen should go with you. First, it is “dressed” in the latest fashion. And secondly, there is nothing superfluous in it (artificial preservatives, colors and flavors) - exclusively active ingredients.


Bamboo Matte Lotion, Erborian

From bamboo, the Japanese lotion for narrowing pores has not only the color of the package, but also the main active complex: in it, the juice and fiber of this plant work in steam, which moisturize and nourish the skin.

Macaron Lippies (Key Lime shade), NYX

Russian girls, as always, are at the forefront of fashion: the shade of lipstick, which will be at its peak only next year, has already been sold out from us. So get in line (if you leave a request on the brand's website, you will be notified when the tone is available) or order it as a souvenir from friends who are often on the road.

Diorshow Mono (shade 480), Dior

Green eyeshadow is not the most versatile makeup tool, but it's worth the risk. Especially if you are brown-eyed (dark eyes are less likely to get lost) and do not have a painful dependence on bright lipsticks - in the case of this green tint, it is better to leave only one accent on your face.

Carioca, Kure Bazaar

The bottle of Kure Bazaar nail polish is green both outside and inside (as far as this can be said for this type of cosmetics). The composition is free of formaldehyde and toluene, and the texture itself is 85% natural.>

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