The Sea Inside: 12 Beauty Products For Those Who Have Not Yet Been On Vacation

The Sea Inside: 12 Beauty Products For Those Who Have Not Yet Been On Vacation
The Sea Inside: 12 Beauty Products For Those Who Have Not Yet Been On Vacation

Video: The Sea Inside: 12 Beauty Products For Those Who Have Not Yet Been On Vacation

Video: The Sea Inside: 12 Beauty Products For Those Who Have Not Yet Been On Vacation
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Bath Salt, Egomania

You can literally feel the ocean with your skin without leaving the city - just dissolve in the bathroom a generous portion of Egomania salt, which is extracted from the bottom of the Dead Sea. It's pointless to wait for a good wave, but you can safely count on the relaxing properties of deep-sea minerals.

The Cleansing Micellar Water, La Mer

One brand name speaks of the connection with the elements, and the liquid in the bottle only adds additional associations with the sea. This is no coincidence: even in the micellar water that the brand released this summer, there was a place for Miracle Broth - the legendary anti-aging elixir, consisting entirely of deep-sea ingredients. So it not only cleanses, but also cares for the skin.

Sole Zahncreme, Weleda

Remember how as a child your mother made you gargle with sea water for prevention? Weleda salt paste gives you a unique opportunity to feel the incomparable horror of children far from the water. In fact, in adulthood, everything is not so scary, but it is still useful: the product cleans teeth well, prevents the formation of plaque, prevents inflammation of the mucous membrane and increases local immunity.

Neroli Portofino Acqua, Tom Ford

There can be only one association with a translucent turquoise flask - the water in Portofino is of this color, if you google its name and dream of a vacation, and the bottle has the name of a fishing town. Inside: a light Mediterranean mix of citrus, neroli and amber.


Foaming Toner, Face Oasis, H2O

H2O Facial Toner is very similar to a wave: there are no oils in it, but there is a mass of marine minerals and plants from the depths. It also foams before touching the skin.

Phyto-Eye Twis (shade "Lagoon"), Sisley

The frivolous coloring of the stick already sets you up for a carefree mood (how else can you imagine that you are already on vacation?), And inside you can now find not only all shades of pink and red for the lips, but also a complete palette for the eyes - this summer in recognizable bottles -Pencils brand began to pack and waterproof shadows.

Mineral Mask, Anne Semonin

In this modest tube with a mask, you can find (no less than) all the natural power of the sea: the composition is rich in natural oligoelements and minerals from the depths, which restore the skin tone and radiance, cleanse and moisturize it.

Сut The Mullet, Smith & Cult

The name of the varnish literally translates either as a request to cut a mullet, or as a call to make yourself a haircut like clubbers in the 80s. In fact, there is a big story behind it (as well as behind all the names of the brand's products), so it was translated into Russian as "It's time to end." All this is not directly related to the vacation, so just concentrate on the color of the varnish: if the sea became opaque overnight, it would probably be the same pastel, gray-blue hue.


Wood Sage & Sea Salt, Jo Malone

Turning your living room into an oceanfront? It couldn't be easier! Download the cries of seagulls on the Internet, bring sand from the nearest construction site (fortunately, you don't have to go far until the end of summer) and light a Wood Sage & Sea Salt candle - the room will instantly be filled with the sage aroma with a sea breeze flavor.

Aroma SPA Peelig, La Ric

In the La Ric scrub literally everything hints at the involvement of the sea: both the salt on the basis of which it was created and the shell for scooping it up. It also contains jojoba, macadamia, avocado and apricot oils: thanks to them, the product not only effectively exfoliates, but also softens the skin.

More Inside, Davines

Salt spray itself conjures up thoughts of the ocean, but it doesn't end there. Spray it all over your hair, and any second-day hairs turn into trendy beach curls.

Achor Soap Bar, Oriflame

It smells of sea freshness, looks like an anchor, foams no worse than the surf! What more could you want from a bar of soap?>

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