How To Change Skin Care In Winter

How To Change Skin Care In Winter
How To Change Skin Care In Winter

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Daily care

Skin care at any time of the year should be multi-stage and regular: cleansing with micellar water, milk or hydrophilic oil, then deeper - using a foam, balm or gel, after a lotion or tonic. The final stage is the application of the cream: during the day - moisturizing, in the evening - nourishing. Also, if necessary, you can use serums and special "healing" creams.


It is worth adding acid-containing products to your winter care for two reasons. Firstly, it is during this period that it is safe to use acids because of the decreased activity of the sun, which reduces the risk of pigmentation. Secondly, the skin reacts more strongly to low temperatures, and not to heat. This leads to compaction of the stratum corneum. Therefore, products with such renewing components as acids help to level the relief.

Vitamin A

He's retinol. Does not "live" in the sun, so the winter season is suitable for adding funds with this ingredient. It is he who perfectly copes with wrinkles, since it destroys oxygen radicals - one of the main reasons for their appearance. Also vitamin A is responsible for skin renewal.


Yes, SPF products are also needed in winter, as snow reflects the sun's rays even in cloudy and overcast conditions. Therefore, in the mountains on snowy days, sunscreen applied over a moisturizer is indispensable. If in your city the snow has not fallen or has long melted, and the sun promises to appear only closer to spring, then it is enough to use tonal means or powder with a little protection from the sun.

Air humidity

Central heating is one of the causes of increased dry skin. Therefore, dermatologists and cosmetologists recommend humidifying the indoor air using special humidifiers. There are a huge number of them, so when choosing it is important to pay attention to such functions as purifying water from bacteria, ionization and the presence of a night mode.


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