How To Care For Your Skin To Look Cool Without Makeup

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How To Care For Your Skin To Look Cool Without Makeup
How To Care For Your Skin To Look Cool Without Makeup

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Today, beauty brands not only produce special care products that allow you to achieve an even tone without decorative

cosmetics, but also launch campaigns in support of natural beauty. For example, the Biotherm brand launched the #NoMakeUpChallenge flash mob, the main idea of ​​which is reflected in the name. Four popular Instagram girls ditched makeup for a week, focusing on skin care and adding Life Plankton, Biotherm, a new soothing and firming emulsion.

Beauty routines for smooth skin with an even tone


The main rule of healthy skin is regular and multi-stage cleansing in the morning and evening. It doesn't matter if you have makeup on your skin, but before using a cleanser, balm or hydrophilic oil, it is advisable to use micellar water. Thus, cleansing will be deeper, and the risk of spreading the remnants of dirt over the surface of the skin during washing is minimal. It is also important to use any suitable tonic after cleansing. It is this product that removes the remnants of tap water and helps to carry subsequent care products into the deeper layers of the skin.


The second, but no less important rule of beautiful and healthy skin is hydration. No skin problems can reverse this step in skincare. It is important to apply the moisturizer / gel after toner in the morning and evening. It is thanks to moisturizers that the protective barrier is restored, the structure and quality of the skin improves. Of course, you can use a suitable cream at night, but besides this, it is advisable to arrange a course of deep skin moisturizing a couple of times a month. To do this, replace the night cream with a moisturizing mask for a week.


To achieve a radiant skin from the inside and an even texture, it is necessary to stimulate its renewal. There are peels for this, but it is better to use those in which there are no abrasive particles that cause microtrauma. An excellent substitute for them are peeling rolls or peels with acid content. By the way, it is better to select the latter with a beautician, especially for owners of sensitive skin.


Do not ignore the simple secret of healthy skin like massage. It must be done not only by a beautician, but also at home every day. To do this, you can use smart gadgets or your hands. Watch the video tutorials before starting your own facial massage. Thanks to regular massage, not only the microcirculation, which is responsible for recovery and renewal, is increased, but also the facial sculpture is drawn. Forgetting contouring is real.>

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