Summer Life Hack: We Repeat The 5 Most Stylish Makeup With A Minimum Of Cosmetics

Summer Life Hack: We Repeat The 5 Most Stylish Makeup With A Minimum Of Cosmetics
Summer Life Hack: We Repeat The 5 Most Stylish Makeup With A Minimum Of Cosmetics

Video: Summer Life Hack: We Repeat The 5 Most Stylish Makeup With A Minimum Of Cosmetics

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Shaded arrows + radiant skin

The handwriting of make-up artist Sandra Istomina is easily recognizable - it is shining skin from within, light textures and well-placed accents. To repeat this make-up, you need to use a base and a loose tone with shining particles, which, reflecting sunlight, create the effect of smooth and healthy skin without weighing it down. Accentuate the lash line with a dark pencil, gently blending the borders and tail. Highlight the protruding parts of the face with a highlighter. Sandra Istomina used Tom Ford shining eyeshadows, but they can also be replaced with a highlighter.

Peach shades + sequins

Celebrity makeup artist Hang Wangguo has created the perfect look for summer parties and festivals. Use the highlighter with the Dr. Jart + as a base for makeup (don't forget about the area under the eyes), and then additionally emphasize the prominent part of the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose with a second layer. You can complement the image with a tint with a peach shade, applying it with your fingertips to the apples of your cheeks and lips. For harmony, the makeup artist suggests using a matte lip coating, so a creamy tint is perfect here. And a separate bright accent that gives the image a festive mood - beige shadows with large sparkles. Such, for example, can be found at Bobbi Brown. An important point: it is better to apply them on the base so that the shadows stay in place in warm weather.

Healthy blush + glued eyelashes

Active blush and moderately weighted eyelashes - these two accents give any look a romantic mood. For smooth skin with a healthy glow, use 3LAB Aqua BB Cushion for light texture, bridging pigments and high sun protection. Clarins pigment can be applied to cheeks and lips. Highlight the upper eyelid, the area under the eyebrows, the protruding parts of the cheekbones and the tick above the upper lip with Beautydrugs strobing cream, which gives a “fashionable” moist yet natural glow thanks to the micro size of reflective particles. In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it.”

Classic makeup with emphasis on the eyes

The success of such a classic summer makeup is in the right weightless textures. That is why the dense tone should be replaced with cushion or bb cream, and the contouring agent should be replaced with a bronzer with shining particles. They need to emphasize not only the cheekbones and cheeks, but also the hairline. It is better to use a gel liner to create these arrows. Lightly blend the “tail” of the arrow a little so that it is not clear. Apply your favorite balm to your lips.

Makeup without makeup

The feeling of a "naked" face is achieved thanks to the transparent textures of the foundation with bright pigments. For the summer, 3LAB elastic bb cream or any other from our selection is suitable. Eyebrows and lashes can be highlighted with one clear gel to provide direction and fixation. The lash line on the lower eyelid can be highlighted with a brown pencil or shadows by drawing a thin line and slightly shading it. On the cheeks, apply a peach-colored blush mixed with a creamy highlighter containing fine, shiny particles. For example, the favorite of professional makeup artists Opal from Becca will do. Lips can be covered with a sheer gloss with a light pink pigment or a thick balm.


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