Microneedle Patches - What Are They And Why Are They Needed

Microneedle Patches - What Are They And Why Are They Needed
Microneedle Patches - What Are They And Why Are They Needed

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Microneedle technology is popular all over the world. They are considered to be a new effective platform for drug administration: a small application allows you to quickly and painlessly deliver the desired substance to the patient's body. This is an excellent solution for those who are afraid of injections: the ultra-thin needles dissolve in the skin without unpleasant sensations. The beauty industry also paid attention to the development - microneedles are great for cosmetic injections.

Several years ago, scientist Vasily Zvezdin, a resident of Skolkovo, received a patent for his own production of microneedles. Now they are made at a plant in Perm. Prior to Skolkovo, Zvezdin worked in one of the leading scientific institutes, was engaged in biochemistry and clinical research. Together with his team, Micronidle Industrial, he launched a startup that developed the previously unknown microneedle technology.

It was originally planned that with its help it would be possible to deliver the necessary medicines to the skin in record time. At the same time, the developers saw the potential of using microneedles in the field of cosmetology. The first order - for the development of microneedle patches - was placed by BLÓM. This patch replaces the six-hour application - just apply it for only 25 minutes. In addition, it provides a more stable protection of active ingredients from environmental factors.


About patches

Not so long ago, microneedle technologies in cosmetology were mainly used by Asians: they developed similar patches with needles based on sugar. However, customer reviews remained negative for a long time: the patches did not fulfill the promised promises. Initially, Zvezdin had a difficult task - to come up with a completely new technology that would work without failures.

BLÓM differs in many respects from its Asian counterparts: Russian microneedles are very tightly located on the fixing surface, from which they freely detach and penetrate the skin. Their upper layer dissolves faster, while the lower one continues to deliver active ingredients to the deeper layers of the epidermis. In addition, the concentration of nutrients in BLÓM is higher, and the needles themselves are entirely composed of medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Moreover, its concentration corresponds to the volumes introduced during the mesotherapy procedure. Clinical studies have shown that thanks to these characteristics, collagen production is enhanced, the skin structure is improved and moisturized, dark circles disappear and epidermal wrinkles are smoothed. With the naked eye, the changes are clearly visible after the third procedure.

BLÓM as a beauty product is the brainchild of blogger Sergei Ostrikov. He calls them "instagramogenic selfie patches", "wearing" which it is impossible to resist snapshot for social networks. The design of the patches took a long time to develop and changed several times. The creators tried to get a stylish and convenient gadget that will be pleasant to use.

“Our slogan: BLÓM is the future of your skin,” says Sergey. - We position ourselves as iPhones in the cosmetics industry: innovative, fashionable and technological. It will not be a cheap product (a course of four pairs costs about 3 thousand rubles - RBC Style), since we use a complex and expensive technology with high-quality materials. And we reinforce it with a futuristic design with a beautiful outer holographic shell."

Photo: instagram.com/sonya_miro
Photo: instagram.com/sonya_miro

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How to apply

So far, the most familiar format for most buyers is hydrogel patches. With them, you can easily run out into the street or stand for several hours in a traffic jam. With BLÓM, things are different: patches do their job in 25 minutes. During this time, microneedles completely penetrate the skin and begin to dissolve in it.

You should be prepared for the fact that BLÓM patches really pierce the top layer of the skin. At the same time, their use does not cause pain or discomfort at all, rather, it causes pleasant sensations. For greater effectiveness, it is recommended to massage the outer surface of the patches with light movements every five minutes to stimulate the penetration of the active substances into the skin. When the job is done, the applicator remains perfectly smooth.

BLÓM will appear in stores at the end of February in two versions: one or four pairs. A full course varies from 4 to 6 applications with breaks for a day or two. The cooperation between the microneedle manufacturer Micronidl Industrial and the new cosmetic brand with the support of Skolkovo will not end there. In the future, the team plans to expand the line with a variety of technological solutions. It is possible to produce patches for different zones, ages, as well as fill microneedles with other active ingredients, thanks to which the result will be even better.>

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