The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Skin Radiance: Peels, Masks, Creams & Treatments

The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Skin Radiance: Peels, Masks, Creams & Treatments
The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Skin Radiance: Peels, Masks, Creams & Treatments

Video: The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Skin Radiance: Peels, Masks, Creams & Treatments

Video: The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Skin Radiance: Peels, Masks, Creams & Treatments
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Smooth skin texture

If you have problem skin with a severe and active form of acne, then before proceeding with all methods for obtaining radiant skin, it is necessary to cure the rash by passing tests and choosing the right care. Smooth skin relief can be achieved with any healthy skin type (normal, dry or combination, even with occasional breakouts). The main helpers in this are home or salon peels. It is thanks to them that effective skin renewal occurs, which affects its tone and smoothness of the relief.

For home use, you should pay attention to peeling rolls, which work on the principle of a soft scrub. Instead of the abrasive particles used in scrubs, roll-up peels polish the skin with lumps that have coagulated under the action of oxidation. The advantage of such peels is not only in their non-trauma, but also in the ability to use them several times a week.

Among the deeper home peels, you should pay attention to milk. Such, for example, is the Korean brand Dr Jart +. Lactic acid softens the stratum corneum, accelerating the regeneration processes. Radiance appears as a result of one application, while narrowed pores, closed comedones and blackheads disappear after two to three treatments. The Sensai Enzyme Silk Peeling Powder delivers the same true wow effect. Special fine granules are activated with water and gently polish the skin, turning into lather.

Among salon peels, you should pay attention to PRX-T33. It not only quickly penetrates into the dermis, but also practically does not damage the skin. That is, unlike other salon peels, PRX-T33 does not harm the skin, despite the painful sensations during the procedure, and does not provoke profuse flaking of the "injured" skin - only sometimes it causes slight peeling. With this peel you will not have to walk with a red face for several days, as happens after alternative salon peels. The effect of healthy radiance and smoothness appears after the first procedure, and the course passed allows it to be consolidated.

An important clarification: in the spring and summer months, with active solar radiation, before each going outside, it is necessary to protect the skin with Sanskrin creams. This is especially important after exfoliation, when the skin becomes practically "bare". In the opposite case, you can get not only burns, but also age spots.


While regularly stimulating the skin to renew itself, it is important to remember to moisturize and nourish it. This step of care helps in the recovery from peels and makes the skin firmer, softer and more nourished. When choosing a moisturizer, pay attention to its density - too heavy creams can worsen the production of sebum and lead to clogged pores, breakouts and oily sheen. For extra healthy glow, you can also trick it a bit and choose creams that glow from the inside out. The fact is that very small shining particles are usually added to them.

In addition, it is worth complementing your beauty ritual with the regular application of moisturizing masks, which can be done with a weekly course at night.

Among cosmetic procedures, biorevitalization and oxygen therapy Intraceuticals are considered especially effective. In the first case, vitamin cocktails based on hyaluronic acid are injected into the skin using injections. In the second, serums with low molecular weight "hyaluronic" penetrate into the deep layers thanks to a special apparatus that releases powerful jets of oxygen.


The overall condition of the skin also affects the appearance of a natural glow. To increase the tone, it is necessary not only to regularly provoke skin renewal and moisturize it, but also to do massages, use toning serums that increase the production of collagen and elastin. For example, Ultraceuticals retinol serum or a more affordable version with hyaluronic and lactic acid from The Ordinary.

In addition, it is worth replenishing your care with products containing vitamin C, since it is he who strengthens the protective functions of the skin, removes fatigue and an earthy complexion, and, of course, gives radiance. By the way, creams and serums with vitamin C are indispensable for smokers and people who spend a lot of time at the computer.

Facial massage can be combined with the application of serums and done with your hands or special gadgets, as well as use home cryotherapy. Of the salon procedures, microcurrents and sculptural massage are most effective for increasing skin tone. The sculptural deep-woven by the Joelle Ciocco technique is especially good. Dexterous and not always gentle movements "sculpt" the cheekbones, form clear facial features and polish the skin of many Moscow celebrities, cosmetologists Kristina Kazantseva from the Bely Sad health and beauty center and Irina Maksimova from the Le Colon beauty institute.


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