What Procedures Need To Be Done In The Center "White Garden"

What Procedures Need To Be Done In The Center "White Garden"
What Procedures Need To Be Done In The Center "White Garden"

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Self-tanning on James Read cosmetics

In spite of the cold Moscow summer, you can get an even and beautiful tan in the salon. The main advantages of the procedure are a natural shade and moisturized skin, as well as the absence of a tanning bed and tedious lying in direct sunlight.

Self-tanning in the White Garden is the work of a specialist. First, the skin is depilated, then a scrub is used, then a moisturizer. To keep the tan evenly, without streaks, the beautician uses the James Read mitten. Self-tanning is applied in a thin layer in several steps to control the intensity of the color. A soft tone without an artificial reddish tint (this is the advantage of James Read) will appear almost immediately. By the way, if you don't like the result, you can quickly get rid of it. The brand's experts advise to sit in a steam bath for about 20 minutes, and then gently walk over the skin with a washcloth.

Price RUB 6000

Repairing care for severely damaged hair with Nashi Argan cosmetics

At the heart of Italian cosmetics are organic argan and flax oils and other natural ingredients that will make even severely injured and coarse hair soft and silky. The care procedure takes place in four stages. The first is cleansing with shampoo, which moisturizes the hair and regulates the pH balance; the second is the application of a nourishing Deep Infusion mask and NashiArganOil oil, which restore the hair structure, making it more manageable; the third is the application of a conditioner, the fourth is the application of a nourishing oil that protects against ultraviolet rays. The result, visible already after the first treatment, is glossy, plump and voluminous hair with healthy ends.

Price 3500 rubles.

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Modeling massage

The salon employs a master massage therapist Anna Ivanchenkova, the author of her own technique that combines the technique of lymphatic drainage and osteopathic massage. Anna subtly senses when it is necessary to weaken the pressure or change the technique. After the session, the muscles are toned, and the pain is replaced by a feeling of lightness.

Massage is available only in the White Garden salon in the Metropol, price on request.>

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