A Star Called The Sun: 12 New Bronzers For The Best Summer Month

A Star Called The Sun: 12 New Bronzers For The Best Summer Month
A Star Called The Sun: 12 New Bronzers For The Best Summer Month

Video: A Star Called The Sun: 12 New Bronzers For The Best Summer Month

Video: A Star Called The Sun: 12 New Bronzers For The Best Summer Month
Video: 8 BEST BRONZERS | Try on | Elanna Pecherle 2021 2023, April

Beached Bronzer, Urban Decay

If you took a vacation in early May and have already forgotten how wonderful it was, a powder box with palm trees will remind you of it, every time it appears from your purse. As for professional qualities, the finely ground texture lies flat and mattifies the skin well. There are two shades: "kiss of the sun" for those who sunbathe in Crimea, and "bronze" for those who have visited Bali.

The Sicilian Bronzer, Dolce & Gabbana

The powder from the Dolce & Gabbana summer collection can be bought in one package: the lid of the gilded case is decorated with the image of a medieval lady surrounded by ancient Sicilian ornaments. To the opportunity to proudly get these works of art from the clutch, you can safely add the shade of natural tan that the bronzer gives to the face.

Maestro Liquid Summer (No. 90), Giorgio Armani

For everyone who is closer to liquid textures, the arsenal of the Giorgio Armani brand has a bronzer with a pipette: thanks to the volatile oils in the composition, it lies on the skin with a thin veil, gently and barely noticeably toning it: there will be no mask on the face, but even the feeling of makeup … This season there is a new shade - No. 90 with a slight golden glow.

Laguna Liquid Bronzer, NARS

Gel bronzer can be applied to the skin on its own - then get an intense tan, or can be mixed with foundation for a more natural option. As a bonus, the moisturizing and emollient properties of Monoi and Tamanu oils are responsible for.

Dioskin Nude Air Glow Powder, Dior

Mix the shimmery pearl and copper pigments with each other and use the kabuki brush on the face, shoulders and décolleté for a more natural look. And so that the skin does not feel “stuffy” in summer from the powder, Dior specialists have developed a special “breathing” texture of the smallest grinding.

Le Beiges Duo (No. 1), Chanel

Taken separately, Chanel's two-tone powder from the summer collection can be considered a true sculpting kit. And if, nevertheless, you need a bronzer, it is better to mix both shades with a wide brush and apply on the face: get a natural tan with a pleasant shine.


Poudre Bonne Mine Healthy Glow Powder, Givenchy

This year, the famous bronzing powder with a radiant effect came out in a new design: so that no one has any questions, where in the summer collection "star product", the texture was baked in the shape of stars. All the best remains unchanged: a subtle glow from the inside, perfect coverage and a flawless set of shades.

Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones, Yves Saint Laurent

From the summer collection of Yves Saint Laurent, only two items came to Russia: temporary tattoos, about which RBC Style has already written here, and powder with a tan effect. You can find a rare specimen - a precious casket with the Sahara dunes and a branded monogram inside - only in the Il De Bote online store.

Belle De Teint Powder Glow Trio, Lancôme

The Lancôme Summer Collection Tricolor Powder is only limited by your imagination. A light shade is great for strobing, a dark shade for contouring, and a tone-on-tone section for natural makeup. Need a shimmery bronzer? Just mix all three.

Terracotta Pause d'Ete Poudre Bronzante Duo, Guerlain

Natural tan, healthy glow and light golden glow: limited edition powder from the Terracotta collection kills three birds with one stone. Plus, wooden packaging, which will become a real decoration of the dressing table: the size, far from being compact and fastening with magnets, make powder not the best idea for a handbag.

Poudre Soleil & Blush, Clarins

The summer edition has everything your face needs to be happy: two universal matte shades (beige-terracotta and copper-beige), which will give the skin a warm tan, one golden - for shine, - and an island of peach blush with a light mother of pearl: they will give face freshness.

Bronzing Powder, Tom Ford

Tanning is known to work best with light-colored clothing, which is why Tom Ford decided to pack his bronzers in white cases with golden edging. The texture is also chosen according to the weather: silk and weightless.>

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