How To Make Up For The Festival: 10 Star Images From Coachella

How To Make Up For The Festival: 10 Star Images From Coachella
How To Make Up For The Festival: 10 Star Images From Coachella

Video: How To Make Up For The Festival: 10 Star Images From Coachella

Video: How To Make Up For The Festival: 10 Star Images From Coachella
Video: 10 Coachella Fashion Style Ideas And Tips 2023, April

Amy Song - curly glitter makeup

Simple and effective look. Nude makeup in bronze shades was given a festival feel with large star-shaped glitter. You can find them in any art store - it's best to stick them to your skin with eyelash glue.

Kendall Jenner - Accent Eyes With Color

The festival is not always sparkles, but all the colors of the rainbow at once. This year, celebrities opted for quieter, more thoughtful looks that didn't add to their freakiness. Kendall Jenner and her makeup artist Mary Phillips opted for the perfect tone and accent on the eyes with a bold green. This shade emphasizes the depth of brown eyes and conveys the summer mood of the holiday.

Stella Maxwell - braids dreadlocks

If you don't want to come up with fancy makeup, or even want to go to the festival without makeup (don't forget about sunscreen), then you might consider a hairstyle. An easy and bright way to give your outfit a creative mood is to make braids-dreadlocks like the model Stella Maxwell. This hairstyle is very convenient for the festival: the hair will not tangle and will look neat all day long. By the way, to give more brightness to such a hairstyle, wrap the curls with threads that create a contrast with your hair shade, or use thin colored ribbons.

Giselle Oliveira - Matte Lipstick

Another option for those who are not ready to wear full makeup under the sun all day. It is enough to hide imperfections and traces of sleepless nights with concealer and apply a long-lasting matte lipstick, such as a shade of cinnamon. It is a versatile color that looks great in both daylight and sunset.

Winnie Harlow - Colored Hair

Colored hair is one of the most popular festival beauty trends. By the way, most celebrities do not dye their hair, but buy special wigs that look very natural. These wigs cost like a designer bag and are hard to find in Russia. Therefore, the most affordable and safe way to dye your hair in bright colors is to use special crayons or sprays.

Nina Kravitz - lip accent

Russian techno queen DJ Nina Kravitz chose red lipstick for her performance at Coachella. And for walking around the festival, already in the role of a guest, she also decided to focus on her lips, but with the help of lipstick or tint, emphasizing the natural pink tint of the lips. As a result, the look is natural and fresh.

Ashlee Simpson - everyday makeup with hippie accessories

Ashlee Simpson did not come up with something unexpected, but decided to do everyday makeup with an emphasis on the eyes. She put her hair in careless beach curls. Large hippie-style earrings have given a festival spirit to such a universal beauty look. A good example of how to make a successful festival look by simply complementing your favorite and familiar make-up with the right accessories.

Katy Perry - subtle colored eye accent

First of all, it's worth noting that Katy Perry made the right strategic decision. She did not style her hair in any particular way, but simply put on the most fashionable headdress of the season - a panama. If you follow the example of the singer, then you can not rack your brains over the styling, and also not worry about the sun. In makeup, Katy Perry also did not try too hard - she limited herself to a neon pink eyeliner along the lower eyelid. This is the right beauty solution for the festival, as the colored gel eyeliners last all day and add summer mood to the look.

Hayley Bieber and Kendall Jenner - accent on eyes and headscarves

Babushka ("kerchief") is the most fashionable accessory of summer, which owes its popularity to the rapper A $ AP Rocky. This season, scarves can be worn as headscarves or as masks. For a festival, both options would be appropriate. If you tie a headscarf like Hayley and Kendall, the image becomes more mysterious and even inspired by Japanese culture (where street style heroes especially like to hide their faces behind masks). To be more effective, outline your eyes with a pencil or gel eyeliner to make the look much more expressive.

Emily Ratajkowski - makeup without makeup

Of course, such makeup does not pretend to be original or bright. But it will suit absolutely any outfit - both the most basic and the craziest. Option for those who don't want to come up with something special, but want to look fresh.>

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