Sun And Sea: How To Properly Care For Your Hair (experts Advise)

Sun And Sea: How To Properly Care For Your Hair (experts Advise)
Sun And Sea: How To Properly Care For Your Hair (experts Advise)

Video: Sun And Sea: How To Properly Care For Your Hair (experts Advise)

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High temperatures and sun rays

Regardless of the type of hair, there are universal and simple rules that will help maintain a healthy look and shine of hair during periods of intense exposure to sun and heat. Always apply conditioner or a mask after cleansing, as these will leave a protective layer around the hair. Do not forget to use sprays or creams with UF / UV protection on sunny days. Whenever possible in the sun, try to wear hats. In the summer, you need to closely monitor dyed hair and curls prone to sun-fading.

Maria Usmanova, a hair stylist at the White Garden Health and Beauty Center, told about how to do this: “Before going on vacation, it is advisable to give up coloring in any lightening technique. The fact is that bleached hair loses moisture and elasticity, so exposure to the sun on it can become sad and even destructive. And here it is not only that a beautiful blond can turn into an unnatural yellow. If you do not care for dyed hair with protective products, then the rest of the summer and the beginning of autumn will have to be spent on their restoration. Therefore, my main recommendation is very simple: first on vacation, and then coloring with lightening.

But what exactly should be done before a trip to a hot place is salon care. This will nourish and moisturize your hair, significantly reducing the chance of damage. Owners of shatusha in the summer should especially purchase a special line for colored hair. One of my favorites is Oribe's Beautiful Color. And if your hair is thin and fade quickly, then you also need to take care of them with special trepidation. I recommend the Italian brand Nashi - perfect for brittle hair. To ensure that your hair burns naturally without harming its health, always use a professional spray with a sunscreen filter.”


Sea and chlorinated water

Another stressor for hair is sea water and chlorinated water. Hair immediately responds to changes in tap water, and when it is still exposed to sea salt and chlorine, it begins to experience double and even triple stress. All this can lead to their fragility, dryness and split ends. That is why it is important to remember how to properly care for your hair with such negative effects of different types of water.

Independent hair stylist Tahmina Safari spoke about the main principles of care: “The most important thing is to wash your hair thoroughly after the sea or the pool. Follow this rule in the same way as the obligatory cleansing of the skin from makeup. It is better to wash your head twice in the summer to surely remove the remains of chlorine, sand and salt. By the way, it is better to refuse sulfate-free shampoos in the summer, since they do not cleanse well from dirt. Better to get deep cleansing and moisturizing - and alternate between them.

And to protect your hair in front of the sea or the pool, apply any oil that suits you half an hour before going out. It will act as a barrier and prevent chlorine and salt from entering your hair. Also on vacation, it is worth replacing air conditioners with masks, since they are more nutritious. My favorites are Davines' Super Nutritious Su Mask and the Hardcore Mask I created for Organic Shop. And one more thing: try not to use tongs or other thermal tools on vacation. This rule is especially important for those with bleached hair. And brush them more often so that they don't get tangled, torn or broken again. ">

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