How Blake Lively, Alicia Vikander And Halle Berry Became Fitness Motivators

How Blake Lively, Alicia Vikander And Halle Berry Became Fitness Motivators
How Blake Lively, Alicia Vikander And Halle Berry Became Fitness Motivators

Video: How Blake Lively, Alicia Vikander And Halle Berry Became Fitness Motivators

Video: Alicia Vikander training for Lara Croft 'Tomb Raider' Behind The Scenes [+Subtitles] 2022, December

Recently, Blake Lively posted a super motivational post on her Instagram. In the photo, the slender actress stands in an embrace with her star trainer Don Saladina, and in the signature explains that in 14 months she managed to lose 30 kilograms gained during pregnancy. Daily workouts, dietary restrictions - the way is not fast, but proven. On numerous trips, Lively did not philonila, but studied according to the program compiled for her and used the Playbook online training application created by her coach. Inside are nutritional tips and exercise videos for every day. Don's main rule is not only to practice, but also to properly restore the body after. To do this, the trainer advises drinking an antioxidant cocktail, which will accelerate the recovery of muscles and the whole body, then protein, stretching and deep breathing.

Alicia Vikander also saw her passion for video workouts in preparation for the lead role in Tomb Raider: Lara Croft. The famous Swedish trainer and nutritionist Magnus Ligdbek wrote them down for her. The goal of the joint work was not to lose extra pounds, but to gain muscle mass and increase metabolism. In seven months, the actress managed to gain six kilograms of muscle mass. Vikander's workouts consisted of weightlifting exercises (5-6 times a week), rock climbing (2-3 times a week), and boxing and mixed martial arts (4 times a week). Two months later, Magnus switched from grueling workouts to high-intensity interval training, which Vikander did in the morning for 30 minutes, and added an evening gym session for 45 minutes. Satisfied with my bodythe actress now advises everyone to include exercises from weightlifting in their workouts, which in a relatively short period of time will relieve them of extra pounds and tone the muscles. In addition, she recommends eliminating gluten, sugar, and dairy from your diet to help build muscle.

Another star motivator is 51-year-old Halle Berry. The owner of a fit figure of a twenty-year-old girl, the actress with might and main promotes sports and offers to do it wherever you are. The main thing is consistency. Every Friday on his Instagram, Berry makes a post under the hashtag #FitnessFriday: shows useful exercises that can be easily repeated from the comfort of your home. For example, in the case of boxing, Holly suggests not going to the gym, but simply doing the exercises according to the videos that she posts, adding weight in the form of ordinary water bottles. Or practice in pairs (the actress also has such records), this will make the training also a fun pastime.

In her account, you can also find interesting facts about the principles of healthy eating - including those suitable for diabetics (the actress suffers from diabetes for most of her life). By the way, in this regard, for the past few years, Holly has been adhering to the keto diet that is fashionable in Hollywood today, high in fat and moderate in protein.

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