Drinking Diet: Why It Is Not Worth Trying

Drinking Diet: Why It Is Not Worth Trying
Drinking Diet: Why It Is Not Worth Trying

Video: Drinking Diet: Why It Is Not Worth Trying

Video: Drinking Diet: Why It Is Not Worth Trying
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Drinking diet remains one of the most popular ways to lose those extra pounds. It is often used by foreign actors to quickly get in the necessary physical shape for upcoming roles. By replacing solid food with liquids, you can gain "unprecedented" lightness. Doctors are sure: it is dangerous. Let's talk about side effects, contraindications and basic rules of the drinking regimen.

The essence of a drinking diet

Drinking diet is a special diet. With such a diet, you cannot eat - instead, you are allowed to drink any drinks. By replacing the usual food with fluids, we reduce the amount of calories to 600-1200 per day, so the body begins to quickly lose weight. Those who want to lose weight follow a similar diet from one week to a month. At the same time, on a drinking diet, you can use not only drinks and broths, but also products ground in a blender. For example, liquid cream soups and smoothies.

Sometimes losing weight allow themselves "little weaknesses" like melted chocolate or melted ice cream. The most resourceful grind meat cutlets in a blender. According to supporters of the drinking regime, this is not entirely correct, but it does not violate the essence of the diet - the gastrointestinal tract continues to rest from solid food. A drinking diet prohibits chewing by itself. For example, those who want to lose weight will have to give up not only their usual food, but also chewing gum. The fact is that when chewing, the body reflexively starts the digestion process.

You can't chew for another reason. This leads to the secretion of gastric juice into an empty stomach, which can trigger the development of ulcers or gastritis. In addition to liquids that replace solid food during the diet, those who are losing weight need to drink at least one and a half to two liters of clean non-carbonated water per day. It is one of the key conditions for a drinking diet, which helps maintain good skin condition and speeds up metabolism. Other important requirements are that the volume of each serving should not exceed 350 ml, and the break between meals should be three hours.

Arguments for a liquid diet

Photo: sarah gualtieri / unsplash
Photo: sarah gualtieri / unsplash

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Drinking diet is attractive not only for its simplicity and effectiveness. Its adherents claim that this is an excellent system for cleaning the body. In their opinion, together with extra pounds, toxins are removed from it. In addition, thanks to the drinking regime, metabolism is normalized, the condition of the skin improves, and the volume of the stomach is gradually reduced. As a result, we are less likely to feel hungry and thereby reduce the burden on the digestive organs. Already after a few days "unprecedented" lightness is supposedly felt.

Many girls choose a drinking diet also because it allows you to lose weight without additional physical exertion. It is no coincidence that it is called the "lazy" diet. With such a drinking regime, sports are contraindicated: the strength during the diet becomes less, and the protein practically does not enter the body. By the way, a drinking diet is often prescribed for medical reasons. For example, in case of disturbances in the work of the digestive system, during the recovery period after illness or surgery. True, the duration of the therapeutic diet usually does not exceed a week, after which the patient gradually returns to his usual diet.

Potential harm

Due to a lack of nutrients with a liquid diet, muscle weakness, increased fatigue, drowsiness and a drop in the general tone of the body are often observed. Another possible side effect is painful swelling in various parts of the body that occurs due to regular and heavy drinking. In addition, strict dietary restrictions and avoiding favorite foods when drinking a diet can cause psychological discomfort and negatively affect the functioning of the nervous system. As a result, mood swings, apathy, stress occur, and with them - food breakdowns and overeating.

With a long drinking diet, nails begin to exfoliate, hair dull, the skin becomes dry and inflamed. And unbalanced nutrition and malnutrition slow down the construction of protective cells, which is why people often get sick on such a diet. Moreover, it can provoke the development of eating disorders (for example, anorexia) and problems with the gastrointestinal tract when returning to a normal diet, since he had time to wean from such a load.

The correct exit from the drinking diet usually takes twice as long as the diet itself. In addition, eating food only in liquid form has many contraindications. For example, such a diet is not suitable for people with diabetes mellitus, as well as for those who suffer from diseases of the kidneys, cardiovascular, digestive and excretory systems. Drinking diet is contraindicated in children, adolescents, pregnant and lactating women. It can cause serious harm even to a healthy body.

What do doctors think about it

It is believed that the main difficulty of the drinking diet is to give up the habit of chewing food. Physicians and nutritionists disagree. It is much more difficult to provide a balanced diet during the diet. The fact is that with such a diet, the body stops receiving the required amount of nutrients and calories. As a result, we do not receive enough fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is important to diversify the diet as much as possible, and before starting the diet, visit a gynecologist and therapist. If you refuse solid food without consulting a doctor, not only kilograms can go away, but also health.

For example, during this diet, many girls have their menstrual periods interrupted. In order to prevent this, doctors advise to undergo an examination, get tested and consult a nutritionist. He will help to create a balanced diet, as well as select the appropriate vitamin complex to maintain the body. With regard to the drinking diet, doctors are unanimous: you cannot "sit" on it for a long time. The maximum that they allow for special indications is a week. But even with careful preparation and correct exit, it is possible to arrange a "drinking seven-day" without harm to health no more than once every six months.>

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