Dance, Dance, Dance: 15 Beauty Satellites For A Music Festival

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Dance, Dance, Dance: 15 Beauty Satellites For A Music Festival
Dance, Dance, Dance: 15 Beauty Satellites For A Music Festival

Video: Dance, Dance, Dance: 15 Beauty Satellites For A Music Festival

Video: Dance, Dance, Dance: 15 Beauty Satellites For A Music Festival
Video: 65daysofstatic 'Dance Dance Dance' // BeatCast Coach Road Sessions 2023, December

Summer open-air festivals are not only a great opportunity to hear the best local and foreign musicians, but almost the only chance to do an unusual make-up for women who, due to their duty, use one nude palette every day. Take inspiration from the concert looks of David Bowie and Cher in the 70s or makeup from the catwalk of the spring-summer 2016 season: gold-plated lips from the Prada show and silver ears from the Louis Vuitton fashion show, colored eyebrows from the Max Mara show and canary shadows from the Missoni models - everything you need to complete has already been collected by RBC Style. The main thing is, do not postpone: the first opportunity to walk all this beauty will be presented tomorrow at Alfa Future People.


Perfect Mono (shades 113 and 116), Dolce & Gabbana

This summer Dolce & Gabbana cream eyeshadow came out in two bright shades: Turquoise resembles the smooth surface of the Mediterranean Sea when viewed from above, and Lemon is exactly the color of the skin of Sicilian lemons. Make-up can be done on the way to the open-air - tiny boxes can easily fit even into a pocket (not to mention a bag), and you can apply texture directly with your finger - the color will still be saturated, and the unevenness will only make the image more avant-garde.

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Photo: getty

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Velvetines (Zenon shade), Lime Crime

With the light hand of iconic makeup artist Pat McGrath, makeup from the Prada show, where models paraded with gilded lips, became the most talked about of the entire season. But to repeat the image at home, you don't need to be a make-up guru - the Lime Crime liquid lipstick fits easily, paints the lips the first time and sits very comfortably.

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl (shade 662), Dior

If you do not accept bright makeup and at the same time do not want to violate the unspoken dress code of music festivals, go to the Dior corner for mascara from the summer collection: the limited Over Bronze shade covers the lashes with a thin layer of liquid bronze. The result: a soft yet noticeable glow, plus curl and elongation.

Mister Radiant Bronzer, Givenchy

If you have not yet managed to get a real tan, the situation will be corrected by Mister Radiant Bronzer - the exploding spheres when touched give the skin a pleasant chocolate shade, and the transparent gel moisturizes the skin well. To simulate a week in Crimea, one layer is enough, and if you want to create the illusion of a two-week vacation in Bali, it is better to apply the texture twice.

Dare Hue Brow Pencil, MAC

“Never put anything on your face unless you’re sure you can wash it off,” advises James Geiger, vice president and creative director at MAC. That is why the brand supported the fashion for colored eyebrows not with permanent paints, but with pastel gel pencils. Just outline the eyebrows, evenly distributing the pigment, and you can go to the rave (even if tomorrow is in the office).

Heavy Metal, Urban Decay

The glitter in the eyes has not bothered anyone at open-air parties, so an eyeliner with glitter will only come in handy: the existing one will strengthen, and the absence will make up. Among the options in the Urban Decay line are the shine of mother-of-pearl, turquoise, fuchsia, gold and ultraviolet.

Stoneliners, Sergey Naumov

Moscow make-up artist Sergei Naumov took care of everyone who finds it difficult to draw arrows - he came up with overhead arrows made of ultra-thin hypoallergenic material of absolutely cosmic colors. Suitable for any eye shape, easy to stick (and several times) and last up to eight hours.


Face lace

If there are not enough simple shadows and arrows, and you want real face art, you can watch a hundred training videos and arrange a test of your artistic data or stick a ready-made Face Lace drawing. The range of the brand includes false face masks, black and colored patterns for the eye area and shimmering stars for eyebrows and ears.

Glitters, Make Up For Ever

A few large shimmering stones on your face or a scattering of glitter on your eyes, cheekbones or temples will immediately make it clear that the makeup was not made for going to the supermarket. And in the Make Up For Ever arsenal, you will find consumables in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

My Terracotta, Guerlain

Alas, a greasy shine and a flushed face are a frequent companion of incendiary dances. Fortunately, the problem is easily solved - the My Terracotta powder evens out the tone and mattes the skin in no time. And to protect the case and the texture itself from drops, the brand came up with a protective silicone case for it. It is available in a bright red shade this season.

Le Vernis (shade 536), Chanel

If you still don’t know what to wear to the party, but you have already signed up for a manicure today, pick a varnish to match the color of the grass - you will definitely not go wrong. Moreover, in the summer collection of Chanel makeup there is a sparkling shade of Emeraude, and the varnishes themselves changed the formula in the spring - now the coating lasts almost a week.

Photo: getty
Photo: getty

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Couture Skin Tattoos, Yves Saint Laurent

Do you think that gluing temporary tattoos is no longer your status? We hasten to reassure you: especially for the most demanding in the summer collection of Yves Saint Laurent gilded "translations" appeared, the design of which was developed not by home-grown connoisseurs of "Illustrator", but by high-class artists. Expensive. Status. With a twinkle.

Eyelashes, Inglot

When your hands are growing out of the right place, you can try sticking on your eyelashes (but first you need to try them on by attaching them to the eye and trim off the excess along the outer edge). The professional brand Inglot has options for every taste, from classic black to rhinestone studded and feathers.

Hairchalk, L'Oreal Professionnel

If you are traveling for more than one weekend, and there is a whole vacation ahead, you can think about hair makeup. Blue, green and blue curls will survive at least three shampoos (and even longer for blondes) and will not shed on clothes if exposed to rain.

Matte Finish, NYX

So that all the beauty that you have long and painfully induced at home does not "float" by the evening, sprinkle the finished makeup with a fixing spray. Moreover, this tool, perhaps, will be useful in everyday life - it is important for long meetings in stuffy offices and overnight stays with a quarterly report.>