Feel With My Skin: Test Drive Of New Face Masks

Feel With My Skin: Test Drive Of New Face Masks
Feel With My Skin: Test Drive Of New Face Masks

Video: Feel With My Skin: Test Drive Of New Face Masks

Video: Feel With My Skin: Test Drive Of New Face Masks
Video: In The Clear Face Mask Review. My new favorite! 2023, March

Anastasia Novikova, editor of the "Culture" section and everything urgent:

NightWear Plus 3-Minute Detox Mask, Estée Lauder

I tried the new Estée Lauder mask for the first time after a sleepless move of a day and a half. First I had to sail along the White Sea, then go by train, so there was no need to talk about high-quality skin care. As a result, the face looked dull, small rashes appeared, so I really wanted to believe in the rapid reduction of pores and the return of skin smoothness. And the NightWear Plus 3-Minute Detox Mask did not disappoint.

The first thing that caught my eye after the first use was the cleared pores on the nose. The result was really good. The kaolin clay included in the mask helped to achieve this effect: it is she who frees the skin from excess sebum. At the same time, the tool works very delicately: after application, I did not have a feeling of tightness, no burning or irritation. After a couple of uses (it is recommended to apply the mask twice a week), the skin became smoother and its shade even. But for me personally, one of the significant advantages of NightWear Plus 3-Minute Detox Mask is the time it takes to apply. The whole process takes only three minutes: you don't even have to leave the bath, but just brush your teeth, rinse off the remnants of the texture from your face and go to bed happy.

The fresh cucumber aroma deserves special praise.

Valeria Snoz, photo editor / designer:

Énergie De Vie Sleeping Mask, Lancôme

Summer is always a test for my skin. Hard working days in front of the monitor give way to no less intense summer weekends in the sun, so the persistent dryness of the face during the vacation season is a familiar thing for me. That is why I experienced extremely positive emotions from the Énergie De Vie Sleeping Mask, Lancôme.

First, the scent. I immediately noticed that it is light and unobtrusive, and after application it completely ceases to be felt. Secondly, the texture: completely weightless. I don't like it when the masks leave a sticky feeling, but this one has almost completely melted on the face after 7-10 minutes, bringing with it only moisture and smoothness. Thirdly, ease of use. As a lazy person (I think I'm not alone in this) I appreciated that it does not need to be washed off.

In the morning I woke up without feeling tight, and my skin became soft, noticeably refreshed and a little more radiant than usual: apparently, a powerful moisturizing cocktail of goji fruit, gentian root extract and French lemon balm did the trick.

Alisa Kurmanaeva, editor of the Food, Auto and Travel sections:

Beauty Mask Sleeping SLEEPING Ibuki, Shiseido

I have noticed many times - nothing has a more beneficial effect on appearance than sleep. The skin of people who regularly get enough sleep looks much fresher and healthier than those who end their day at midnight. Unfortunately, I myself sleep less than the prescribed eight hours and go to bed later than twelve. So from all the products for the face offered for the test, I chose the indelible gel mask for night use Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask, Shiseido.

This line was designed for women between 25 and 30+. And if you believe the manufacturer's promises, the use of the mask will make the skin look "radiant, fresh and hydrated, even in the absence of proper sleep." The microcapsules with vitamins C and E, as well as phytoplankton extract, which can withstand even the extremely arid conditions of the Sahara Desert, should give the face a radiance and help the skin to recover.

The mask must be applied directly at night from the center of the face to the edges: for this, a special cosmetic spatula is included in the box. And here it is very important to calculate the amount of gel so that its excess does not remain on the pillow. The product has a delicate aroma - it relieves stress, relaxes and helps you fall asleep faster. But those who do not react well to fragrances may not like it - the smell, although very pleasant, is quite intense. However, the effect of Ibuki is really noticeable - in the morning my skin looked fresh and toned, fine wrinkles on the forehead and bridge of the nose simply evaporated, and the nasolabial folds became less noticeable.

Daria Gorshkova, managing editor:

Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Masque, Kiehl's

To give the face a renewed look, protect the skin from the negative effects of the environment and improve the tone - the night mask Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Masque, Kiehl's promises to become a real superhero for residents of big cities. And not only because of the beneficial properties provided by the extracts of Chinese parsley and bitter orange that are part of the composition - the product is endearingly easy to use. If by the evening nothing is strong, you can apply it before going to bed in a moderate layer (I did not even blot the excess with a napkin, as the instructions say) and, in fact, forget. The spicy herbal scent and comfortable texture are addictive: you want to apply the mask even more often than recommended three times a week.

I noticed the effect after several uses: the skin began to look fresher, smoother and more hydrated. And not only the next morning after meeting with a fragrant green remedy, but also on other days. No cons were identified.

Svetlana Korshunova, Executive Secretary, RBC Lifestyle:

Lift Affine Masque Intensif, Clarins

The draining mask was announced as a remedy for the Asian type of appearance (apparently, it is in these regions that people suffer from increased swelling), but despite the Russian face, it also suited me perfectly. In addition to its main function, Lift Affine Masque Intensif, Clarins does an excellent job with dehydration, oily sheen and dull complexion.

A thick but light texture must be applied in a thick layer, and then it is recommended to do a special massage with the forearms - detailed instructions with illustrations are available in the box. I decided not to be lazy and do everything according to the rules, for which I was rewarded: having removed the mask after 10 minutes (by the way, it washes off very easily), I immediately noticed metamorphoses: the skin became moisturized and taut, and my face was noticeably refreshed.


Nina Spiridonova, editor of the section "Watches and Jewelry":

Stimulskin Plus Multi-Corrective Divine Serumask, Darphin

The instructions for the product do not indicate the best time to use it, so I decided to arrange a beauty session in the evening. After thoroughly washing my face, I applied a thick layer of dense velvety texture to my face and neck with massage movements, and immediately felt a cooling effect and a barely noticeable tingling sensation. After 10 minutes, it was almost completely absorbed, and, according to the recommendations, I removed the excess with a napkin, after which I made a light massage along the contour. The effect was visible the very next morning: a rested face of a pleasant even color looked at me from the mirror, fine mimic wrinkles were noticeably reduced, and to the touch the skin seemed dense and taut. After the second application, after a couple of days, the effect was only fixed.

The secret of such a rapid metamorphosis is in its hybrid structure: Serumask combines the properties of a serum and a mask. Therefore, on the one hand, the skin receives a rich concentrate of anti-aging components from the depths of the sea, which penetrate into the epidermis. On the other hand, it provides a wow effect.

Alexander Shchurenkov, editor-in-chief:

T-Pur Blue Face Clay, Biotherm Homme

The Biotherm mask, first of all, attracts with its instructions for use: after cleansing the skin, apply on the face with a bold layer of a blue product with a pearlescent sheen, wait only three minutes - and rinse off vigorously. Ideal for those who do not like to spend too much time on self-care, but want to keep their youth (like me). At the time of the first use, I immediately had questions, for answers to which I had to contact the beauty department of RBC Style almost at night… Question: Can the mask be applied immediately after shaving? Answer: If it is made on the basis of clay (and mine is just that), then it is very undesirable, since it dries the skin, and after shaving, the face, on the contrary, needs increased moisture. But since I had already shaved and applied it, I still honestly waited three minutes. Fortunately, I had neither irritation nor feeling of dehydration. Then I followed the instructions and advice, for a month I applied the mask once a week. The result - in the first two days after each use, a more even complexion (in my opinion) and noticeably narrowed pores. Does any miracle happen after a month? Not. Does cleansing help keep skin and pores in order? Definitely.

Irina Urnova, editor-in-chief:

Intense Facial Mask, Verso

Before commenting on the remedy I got, it should be noted that if there is among us all a real fan of masks in general and fabric masks in particular, it is me. No, really - name any: either I have already tried it, or it is waiting in the wings in my stocks, or languishing in the shopping cart of an online store in anticipation of a successful promo code or a bout of buying. Therefore, the task for the mask is Intense Facial Mask, Versowas not easy to convince a skeptic. To complicate her task, for the test, I chose a typical not-very-successful morning - one of those that I just want to sleep until tomorrow, like taking a train stop (and in the life of an editor-in-chief, such mornings happen regularly, especially during numbers). So, I put on a mask on a rather sullen face, slightly swollen, indistinct shade and with a couple of so-called "imperfections". And she took off her ruddy face, radiant with freshness and acquired a much clearer contour (swelling, go away!). In the victory over my skepticism, one should blame Centella asiatica, rapeseed oil and grapefruit extract, as well as retinol 8, on the basis of which all products of the deservedly respected Verso brand are created.

Daria Gorshkova, managing editor:

"Asai from the Amazon", The Body Shop

Тонизирующую маску «Асаи из Амазонии», The Body Shopyou can fall in love immediately. Not only for the promises that she actually keeps, but also for the laconic appearance of the can, the pleasant texture of the product and the unobtrusive berry aroma. The recommended 5-10 minutes with a juicy "jam" on my face - and I really looked refreshed and rested. Visible signs of stress and fatigue are treated with three ingredients from South America: acai berry extracts, guarana seeds and organic babassu nut oil. A new rescuer from everyday hardships and too stormy weekends has been found: to "invigorate" the skin of the face before an important event turns out in no time. The only negative is the feeling of tightness, which came a few minutes after I washed off the mask. But this, given the brand's democratic pricing policy, can be forgiven.

Tatiana Potapova, senior editor of the section "Beauty":

Hydra Sparkling Fresh & Fast Masks, Givenchy

The Givenchy moisturizing mask from the Hydra Sparkling line was impossibly good in a tube - half of the editorial staff can confirm this, or exactly 100% of those who were lucky enough to test it. So the new fabric had a difficult task - not to deceive the already high expectations.

The novelty is immediately captivated by the unusual packaging - I have never seen masks folded into packs resembling wet wipes. Firstly, it is funny and original, and secondly, it is very convenient to transport.

As for the action, the mask copes with its direct duties perfectly: it fills the skin with moisture, instantly smoothes out wrinkles of dehydration, relieves swelling (thanks to the cooling effect) and gives the face a pleasant, radiant look. A separate compliment to the fresh, invigorating scent.

Minus one - the mask was slightly not enough for my not the widest face: a thin line of skin along the edges remained uncovered with a cloth. However, this did not affect the result in any way.>

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