The Coolest Instagram Accounts With Unusual Make-ups And Hairstyles

The Coolest Instagram Accounts With Unusual Make-ups And Hairstyles
The Coolest Instagram Accounts With Unusual Make-ups And Hairstyles

Video: The Coolest Instagram Accounts With Unusual Make-ups And Hairstyles

Video: The Coolest Instagram Accounts With Unusual Make-ups And Hairstyles
Video: How I Get Style Inspiration | Best Instagram Accounts For Outfit, Hair, Nail Inspo & More 2023, March

Kate Rogers

"Unusual face-enthusiast" - this is the phrase that characterizes Kate Rogers, on whose page you can find beauty images made of threads, Barbie doll heads, shiny textures and paper. If you carefully study her account, you get the indisputable impression that the art makeup artist treats his face like a canvas for limitless creativity. What is, for example, a projection on the face of a fascinating video with kaleidoscope particles!

Alex Boxing

Alex Box with a shock of symmetrically dyed black and white hair, like Cruella De Ville's, can hardly be called just a make-up artist. Her works are so complex that they are perceived as objects of contemporary art. And Alex Box herself calls herself an artist. On her page, you will find vibrant body art using movable structures and elements that interact with each other.

Ana Takahashi

A make-up artist from London has formed her bright and recognizable style. All her unusual works look very gentle and neat, despite all the strangeness. The girl pays attention to detail, uses beads, shells and plays on the contrast of textures, shadows and light. Ana also makes pretty familiar makeup that she wants to wear in everyday life.

Janine Coehr

Before becoming a hair stylist, Janine Coeur was engaged in contemporary art. That is why her hairstyles and haircuts are so memorable and different from what most of her colleagues do. Her main feature is that she creates drawings not only with the help of colors, but also with the help of volume, cutting her hair at an angle or playing on the difference in length.

Isamaya French

Passion for face painting in his youth led Isamaya to professional work as a makeup artist. During her career, she has already worked with such well-known brands as Nike, Kenzo, Iris van Herpen, Tom Ford Beauty. In addition to amazing images (for example, Miss Piggy with a fake pig's patch and full lips), the makeup artist's page contains travel photos and funny memes.

Olga Kostenetskaya

A make-up artist from St. Petersburg has long been helping the popular blogger Elena Sheidlina in creating complex and fantasy makeup. For example, it was Olga who personally sculpted and decorated the octopus tentacles, which were used to create one of the blogger's striking images. The page of the make-up artist is filled not only with finished works, but also with backstages. Leafing through her profile, you can get away from reality for at least an hour!

Nadia Lee Cohen

It is difficult to describe Nadia's activities in a few words, since she is a photographer, a director, a stylist, an artist, and a creative director. The main thing that distinguishes her from other versatile and talented people is her recognizable style. It was she who created and continues to develop the images of deliberately theatrical "plastic" characters reminiscent of victims of plastic surgery and cosmetology. Of course, she does not create makeup and hairstyles to a large extent herself, but she oversees the whole process personally. Her unique vision has already managed to please not only famous glossy magazines, but also popular performers Kali Uchis and Tyler The Creator, who entrusted her to shoot a music video.

Victoria Sin

Victoria's page will especially appeal to fans of the popular drag queen trend - this word refers to artists using female images. False breasts, white wigs with wave styling, like the divas of the golden era of Hollywood, and hyperbolic makeup (by all drag queen standards) with a bias in art (using rhinestones, curves, geometry) are a special feature of her style. By the way, a separate section of her Instagram - photos of makeup remover wipes with the imprint of one or another drag make-up.>

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