10 Celebrity Hairstyles That Are Easy To Repeat At Home

10 Celebrity Hairstyles That Are Easy To Repeat At Home
10 Celebrity Hairstyles That Are Easy To Repeat At Home

Video: 10 Celebrity Hairstyles That Are Easy To Repeat At Home

Video: 10 Celebrity Hairstyles That Are Easy To Repeat At Home

Victoria Beckham

Most of Victoria Beckham's hairstyles are created on the basis of standard elements for her: strands released at the face and a bun or ponytail collected at the bottom of the hairline. To create such a styling requires a minimum of time and money. It is enough to dry your hair using any heat protectant and a couple of drops of oil for the ends. Then, tie your hair into a low ponytail in a straight parting, leaving a few symmetrical strands outside your face. By the way, you can experiment with their texture. For a more strict look, it is enough to straighten them perfectly, and for a romantic mood - slightly wind them with an iron.

Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova

At first glance, this evening hairstyle may seem very complicated, but in practice this hairstyle requires only three steps. Tie your hair into two low ponytails and roll the strands along the length from the elastic to the ends with an iron or curling iron. This will curl only the desired section of your hair. Unwind your tails and prepare some invisible hair color. Secure the strands behind the ears with bobby pins. Use a light-hold varnish, and apply a drop of oil to the ends, preheating it in your palms.

Meghan Markle

Another hairstyle that adds a special sophistication to the look and takes only ten minutes. Before assembling this design, owners of straight hair should make light curls from the ears using an iron or a wide curling iron. For those with naturally curly hair, blow-dry with a smoothing agent. This way you get a light wave, but without the extra gun, giving the styling carelessness. Then you can start collecting the bun: tie your hair in a low ponytail with a thin elastic band, leaving symmetrical strands near your face. Then divide the ponytail into two to three strands. In turn, twist each of them into a not very tight tourniquet and wrap it around the elastic, securing it with invisibility and hairpins. Thanks to this method, the beam will look more voluminous and slightly relaxed. Secure the styling with a fixing spray.

Vera Brezhneva

Very simple styling, with which you can go to an important event, and to a business meeting, or to a party in order to demonstrate a bright mono-earring. Apply a thickening agent to wet roots and a moisturizer or smoothing cream along the length. Blow-dry your hair by lifting the roots with a comb or fingers for a natural volume. Lightly comb the strands near your face with a thin comb, then place them in the parting to the side. Use a light hold varnish. If desired, the overhanging strand of the face can be casually rolled up with an iron or a wide curling iron.

Bella Hadid

To create this hairstyle, you need to braid your wet hair in several braids - the more there are, the less curl will be. Important: You need to braid the braids from the ears to leave the top of the hair smooth. After a few hours or in the morning, loosen the braids and apply a drop of hair oil along the entire length. This will make fine curls look more textured. Then, part the top of your hair and tuck it into a messy bun or ponytail. For an even more delicate look, you can release small hair (baby hair) at the forehead and near the ears.

Elena Flying

A style that requires naturally smooth hair or a smoothing cream and a pair of invisibility that is perfect for you. Comb smooth hair thoroughly, apply a little hair oil for extra shine. Then remove the strands from the face behind the ears and fix them with invisibility, hiding under the rest of the hair. Complement the look with large earrings if you wish, as Elena Flying did.


This hairstyle can be repeated by everyone who knows how to use a large curling iron. First, gather the hair at the crown with a tight elastic band - or several if you have very thick and long hair. Then roll the curls in the tail onto a large curling iron. Wrap one strand around the elastic and fix the tip with an invisible back.

Regina Todorenko

A hairstyle that does not require special styling. Apply a salt spray to damp hair to create messy surfer curls. Twist everything in a tourniquet, gather in a bun and leave to dry naturally. After combing your hair, first apply a couple of drops of oil along its entire length. Select a few small strands on each side and braid the entire length. To add color, like Regina Todorenko's, you can use special colored hair crayons.

Selena Gomez

The combination of two opposite textures makes this hairstyle more interesting. To create this mirror-like effect on the hair at the top of the hairstyle, pull it out with a brush and a smoothing cream or lotion. Then you can apply a few drops of the wet effect product, part it and comb the hair into a low ponytail using a fine-toothed comb. Apply two to three drops of oil to the bottom of your hair to enhance its natural texture. Separate one bottom strand and wrap it around the ponytail to hide the elastic.

Nastya Ivleeva

Styling inspired by the style of Princess Leia. Dry hair with root volume product. Divide them in a straight part and fasten them in two tails at the crown. Twist each tail into a not very tight bundle and make bunches using invisible hairpins and / or hairpins. If desired, loosen small strands around your face.>

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