How To Restore Volume To Hair After Winter: The Best Ways And Means

How To Restore Volume To Hair After Winter: The Best Ways And Means
How To Restore Volume To Hair After Winter: The Best Ways And Means

Dry your hair roots properly

To give your hair its natural volume, you need to learn how to dry it properly. First of all, use the thermal protection that suits you, and only then the root volume spray. After applying the products, lightly dry your hair at the roots to prevent water from dripping off. And here is one of the key steps - use a special comb for root volume, lifting the hair with it, as the hairdresser Takhmina Suleimanova shows in her video. Thanks to this life hack, the hair gets the necessary bend during drying, which creates volume. It is important to dry all hair at the roots using this method: if you leave part of the hair wet, you cannot achieve splendor at the roots.

Use a cone curling iron

If your goal is a neat volumetric styling that will last for several days, then you need a cone curling iron. This is the easiest and most effective way to create soft and flexible curls that will create phenomenal thickness (watch before and after in the video). Twist the strands as shown in the video, dividing the hair into tiers and starting from the bottom. This, by the way, is another technique that helps create volume. After you wind the curls, be sure to break them carefully with your fingers. Thanks to this, you will create the effect of natural volume, since the curls will not lie hair to hair. The main rule is to always use thermal protection and wind only dry hair.

Blow dry your hair and secure each section with bobby pins

Alexa is one of those stars who do styling on their own, and she does it as well as professional stylists. Its main secret is dividing the hair into sections for drying the strands using a brushing brush and then fixing each curl with hairpins, like curlers. This life hack allows you to create the texture you need for volume. After heat exposure, each strand "remembers" the direction in which it was dried, which creates the effect of density. This method combines the principles of laying on a conical curling iron and curlers. Yes, it takes a little more time than just blow-drying your hair, but it is less harmful to hair health than using an iron.


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