Stellar Trend: How To Achieve Perfect Hair Smoothness And Shine?

Stellar Trend: How To Achieve Perfect Hair Smoothness And Shine?
Stellar Trend: How To Achieve Perfect Hair Smoothness And Shine?

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Glass skin is a popular trend for smooth and radiant skin that has emerged in Asia and has already taken over the world. Now the trend for shine has reached the hair. Glass hair - mirror-shiny hair - is worn by Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Ashley Graham and, of course, the representatives of the Kardashian clan.

The hallmark of this trendy styling is shine and incredibly smooth texture. That is why such a hairstyle looks especially neat, and hair - both loose and tied in a ponytail, bun or curls - looks healthy and well-groomed in general. Of course, you can achieve a similar effect with the help of keratin straightening or botox for hair. However, these are not the safest procedures for the health and quality of hair: they give a quick effect, but they thin the hair texture and lead to split and breakage. A straightening iron can also speed up the process of obtaining phenomenal smoothness and shine, but it also negatively affects the condition of the hair and literally spoils it before our eyes - the hair becomes thinner due to the aggressive influence of high temperatures.

However, there are several options for how to achieve the glass hair effect in salons and at home without harming the hair. First, it is systemic hair care. “In order for the hair to lie hair to hair and beautifully reflect the light, which just gives the effect of a dazzling shine, it is necessary to select an individual system of salon care,” explains Aytan, master of Lima Studio. - The fact is that the hair is frizzy and does not shine for several reasons. They can be dry due to hot styling and staining, in which case it is necessary to restore their moisture level. If this is not done, then all subsequent restorative and smoothing treatments will be ineffective, since it is the moisture of the hair that is the basis of its health and beautiful appearance. This is why we first run an elasticity test to see how fragile the hair is.And only then we select an individual care system, combining hydration, restoration and smoothing."

It is also important to understand that you can get shiny and smooth hair after one treatment, but it will be a short-term result. As with getting glowing and even skin, regularity and consistency are essential. They provide a cumulative effect that is easy and inexpensive to maintain at home. We wrote more about effective restorative treatments here. Good restorative results are also provided by "Happiness for Hair" at Keep Looking and the individually tailored grooming systems at Lima Studio.

You can also make your hair shinier and smoother at home by choosing the right care and styling products. By the way, it is on how you style and dry your hair that the result largely depends on all smoothing and shine-giving creams, lotions and sprays.

“Of course, glass hair is one of the most important trends in recent seasons. However, it is important to understand that this mirroring effect is easier to achieve on short to medium hair. On long hair, when using various products, there is a high probability of overweighting the hair. In addition, at this length, it is more difficult to tame split ends, which do not get along with the glass hair trend at all. To remove brittle ends, I recommend using the Redken Heat Cure care. Some of my favorites are the Davines express mask called The Quick Fix Circle and The Renaissance that seals the ends, '' says Tahmina Safari, founder of the Be Nice beauty salon. - It is also important to take into account the peculiarity of porous hair when creating a mirror-smooth effect: they must not only be smoothed and saturated with various means, but also further pulled with the help of brushing.After styling, I advise you to use dry oil, but it is better to apply it not immediately to the hair, but after rubbing it between your palms. So you definitely do not overload the hair, which has been moisturized before with masks and creams. My favorite super shine oil is Davines Hair Assistant.”

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