This Is Real: The Stars Show How To Do Cool Makeup In Five Minutes

This Is Real: The Stars Show How To Do Cool Makeup In Five Minutes
This Is Real: The Stars Show How To Do Cool Makeup In Five Minutes

Video: This Is Real: The Stars Show How To Do Cool Makeup In Five Minutes

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - no foundation

Yes, Rosie shows you how to do your makeup in five minutes, three times as long. This happens because the model talks in great detail about each tool and its life hacks. If everything is done according to Rosie's advice, then it may take even less than the stated five minutes. Her main rule for a quick make-up is not to use foundation. All you need is a primer and concealer. With these tools, the model creates an even and natural complexion. Then it emphasizes the relief with light contouring - this is where creamy textures come to the rescue. And to make the look look like you've thought through every detail, it is important to paint over your eyelashes well and focus on the lips with just a pencil and a balm with a wet finish.

Lisa Eldridge - No Contouring

The star makeup artist took the task very seriously: at the beginning of the video lesson, a timer appears for special persuasion. Lisa Eldridge proposes to devote most of the stated five minutes to creating the ideal tone. She applies foundation with her hands and a brush, and also hides even the smallest imperfections with a thin brush with concealer. Then the standard pattern: eyelashes, eyebrows and lips. There is no contouring in her express makeup. Lisa Eldridge advises to emphasize the volume of the face with blush with shining particles. This technique allows you to abandon the highlighter and at the same time correctly highlight the face.

Hayley Bieber - No Detailing

The secret of Justin Bieber's wife's quick make-up is to avoid detailed elaboration of each stage. Instead of foundation, Hayley applies a pigmented moisturizer (can be substituted for BB or CC cream). Then concealer conceals bruises and imperfections. The model then uses a shimmering bronzer to create a subtle contouring effect. The main rule is no clear lines. Haley boldly applies bronzer even to the bridge of the nose with a wide brush to create a light tan effect and give a fresh look. With a highlighter, she literally in ten seconds emphasizes the check mark above the upper lip, the tip of the nose and the corners of the eyes. A moisturizing lip gloss instead of a balm is a great time-saver to give your look the final touch.

Emily Ratajkowski - no brushes (except for eye makeup)

In this video, Emily Ratajkowski managed to create a full-fledged makeup in five minutes, even having time to make up her eyes with shadows. The main life hack of the model is to apply cosmetics with fingertips or use the products in a convenient stick format. With brushes Emily applies only eyeshadow. Although this can also be eliminated and save another minute. Another trick is to apply concealer after you have already highlighted the cheekbones and cheeks with highlighter, bronzer and blush. This makes your makeup look more natural and takes less time to blend.>

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