Doctor Leonid Elkin - On The Fight Against Fears And Diseases

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Doctor Leonid Elkin - On The Fight Against Fears And Diseases
Doctor Leonid Elkin - On The Fight Against Fears And Diseases

Video: Doctor Leonid Elkin - On The Fight Against Fears And Diseases

Video: Doctor Leonid Elkin - On The Fight Against Fears And Diseases
Video: Навальные – интервью после отравления / The Navalniys Post-poisoning (English subs) 2023, May

For 20 years, Leonid Elkin's contacts have been passed on to each other by patients from Russia and neighboring countries. The doctor relieves energy imbalances and physical problems using ancient oriental techniques, which became the basis of his own method of manual modeling. In his reception room, there are those who have not yet received answers to their questions in fundamental science, and those who want to bring the body into harmony. True, Dr. Elkin himself does not deny the importance of academic training - in the past he was an operating surgeon who supplemented his knowledge with the secrets of traditional oriental healing. Now it has become even more difficult to enroll in the "Dr. Elkin's Health Center" - after the quarantine, his services are especially in demand. RBC Style managed to meet with a specialist and find out why it is so difficult to cope with stress and what to do,to regain lost energy.

On the discord between head and body

Today everyone understands that after a pandemic and quarantine, the world will never be the same. And it doesn't matter if we believe in conspiracy theories about a worldwide conspiracy and an artificially created virus or in mystical signs that "the earth is being cleansed." At some point we all were left alone with ourselves, our family and realized that energy for further existence must be drawn not somewhere outside, but within ourselves. Even if the second wave of the pandemic, and with it quarantine does not happen, we need to learn how to activate the body's own forces. Remember that the human body is a completely self-healing system. He just needs to help him remember what it is like to live in harmony with himself, to get out of the state of imbalance, when the head thinks about one thing, the body screams another, and the legs and arms do something else. This is what I do in the "Health Center" - I teach patients to connect, first of all, head and body, thoughts and actions, intentions and their embodiment into reality. Skeptical patients often ask me: "How can you say that my head is not connected to my body, and my thoughts are not connected to actions?" And the answer is very simple - if you are successful in business, have made a lot of money, but still come to me or another doctor, then there is no connection between the head and body. How does it manifest? Everything is simple here: we all know what proper nutrition or high-quality sports activity is. Why do we gain kilograms, stoop, lose muscle mass, constantly get sick? Why do most people need a strong kick in the form of an illness, and sometimes a very serious one, to stop throwing unhealthy food at themselves, like in a trash heap,and want to get your body to at least the treadmill. All from the fact that the head is not connected to the body. And here we come to the main thing - where to get the energy to take the first steps.


About energy impact

The basis of my method is energy impact. The ancient oriental methods of healing considered the body as a single whole canvas, along which energy channels are distributed and on which energy points are scattered. Any blockage at the channel level leads to malaise, illness. And all blockages come from the head. During the sessions, I use my hands to influence the desired points, helping the energy to flow through the channel without hindrance. But at the same time, we constantly talk with the patient. This is very important to get the head to connect to the body. And whoever is lying on my table, I more and more often find in the heads of my patients two common "enemies" - fear and resentment. Moreover, both the most successful and the most, at first glance, fearless people are afraid. They just do not realize their fears. Well, resentment for many becomes the meaning of life, although they themselves do this,of course they don't. What are the most enduring fears? That someone would take away the business, deprive them of privileges, take away their beautiful young wife. And the most important thing today is that a virus for which there is still no cure will lead to death. And this fear is already the first step towards illness.

When a person begins to be afraid of something, he drains his life energy through adrenaline. On a small supply of energy, a person begins to live in stress, and stress necessarily hits the intestines, which will be confirmed by the doctors of classical medicine. The intestine is a storehouse of immunity, when it is weakened, the body becomes vulnerable to disease. During the therapy session, we work through these fears without leaving the disease a chance. Have you ever wondered why one person is in the midst of events and does not get sick, while another goes out to the store and gets sick? The thing is that one has strong anti-stress mechanisms, while the other has weak ones. By the way, if we compare men and women, then men have a poorly developed anti-stress mechanism, while women, as a rule, are good - this is the specificity of physiology. Why it would seema healthy man at 40 does not tolerate a heart attack and dies, despite the fact that before that he was not sick with anything? Due to stress. All my many years of experience and wide practice prove that the cause of illness and death is in the conflict of soul and body. And my task is to remove it. Skeptics often object to me, citing as an example real merry fellows who burned out very quickly from some kind of disease, for example, cancer. But how do they know that the merry fellow did not have an inner conflict? We often hear that comedians are actually quite restrained in everyday life and even melancholic in some way. Another important point is that people confuse the physical state and the conflict of the soul and body. At the level of physics, a person can be strong, but internally not. What's more interesting: not a single disease settles in a positive environment. She settles in negative. This is stated in oriental alternative medicine, which, paradoxically, is more traditional than classical medicine.

Everyone is familiar with the expression "He was eaten by the offense." So they say about a person who is so mired in dissatisfaction with everything around him that he has an illness. It happens that we cannot let go of the resentment against a person, we twist it in our head, looking for ways to take revenge. It happens that we hate someone just like that, for no reason. And sometimes a person annoys us, although we only saw him on the TV screen or on Instagram. Often, resentful people develop cancer and other ailments that destroy the body from the inside. It happens that a drinking and smoking person lives up to 90 years. And the one who leads an absolutely healthy lifestyle dies at 50 from a stroke. There is a simple explanation for this - the head of the first is on friendly terms with the body, the second is not. For the same reason, someone gets richer in a crisis, and someone gets poorer. In a stressful situation that happened to us,you cannot eat yourself from the inside and plunge headlong into problems. In our sessions, I see where this resentment is stuck. It can be resentment, or it can be fear. When talking with the patient, we work them out at the level of the head and at the level of the body. For those who do not want to talk to me, I advise a psychologist from my team, and sometimes the patient talks to him and to me.


New patients often come to me who say that they are generally healthy, do not get sick, and there is no energy for anything and they do not understand how to live with it. Such a patient needs to be given this energy. What does it mean to give energy? This will allow it to flow freely through all energy channels in order for the hormonal and enzymatic systems, intestines, urinary and cardiovascular systems to start working properly. In fact, I use manual massage to trigger the reserve forces of the body. Reserve - but not the last. The body has all the strength to heal itself, I just help him do it. But this is impossible without connecting the head to the body, because the pituitary gland controls all hormonal processes. If you do not connect your head to your body, you can always justify yourself and get sick - either overeat, or overwhelmed, or not sleeping enough. And it is significantthat in such extreme situations as now with the virus, what I do proves its effectiveness. Patients call me and thank: their immunity did not disappoint, and all the work was not in vain.

About the specifics of the disease

Despite the fact that the coronavirus infects the respiratory tract, it still enters the stomach and intestines, and the intestines, again, are responsible for immunity. If the immunity is strong, then the person either does not get sick, or is sick in an asymptomatic form, or the disease generally remains unnoticed. But it's not just about immunity. Sad fact: many doctors at the epicenter of the fight against the virus, protected by all safety requirements, fall ill and die. And the point here is not a weakened immune system, since such doctors would simply not be allowed to patients. As a doctor of classical medicine, I have observed many times that colleagues develop adrenaline in moments of strong involvement, the level of stress goes off scale and all the energy of the doctor is no longer here, not in the moment, but there - in the illness.

My Chinese teacher used to say that a person has the right to be ill with colds a couple of times a year, to experience slight discomfort. In this way, the negative leaves the body through the disease. Moreover, due to the disease, immunity is stimulated. I believe that if a person does not get sick, for example, seven years in a row, this is a disaster. Most likely, he simply does not notice how the body is suffering. When a person realizes that he is sick, he begins to think about what is the cause of the disease, and this becomes the first impetus to get rid of the negative and, as a result, to health. Due to the disease, anti-stress mechanisms are developed. But there is an important ancient postulate - one cannot be friends with a disease. If a person revels in his illness, it will be with him to the end.

Dr. Leonid Elkin: "First of all I ask:" Do you want to live?"

Everyone has already heard the phrase "Either you control reality, or it is you." But few people consciously apply it to their lives. It is sad that many people even like the state of stress, although they themselves do not admit it. They find an excuse that something is not working out for them: “Well, how am I going to work and do something with my life? Now is the crisis! " Others begin to seize stress. And they explain gluttony by the fact that the body is in unusual conditions, it needs support. Hence the extra pounds with which many came out of self-isolation. Nobody says it's easy. Coming out of self-isolation awake and ready to continue living is a lot of work that needs to be done. I always tell patients that an intelligent person can influence fate - this is what we are doing in our health center. Any trouble for a smart persondefeat or illness is another chance to become better, to cleanse yourself of all that is superfluous, to learn a lesson. And if the patient is looking for the culprit - the virus, the government, the weather, bad luck, then he will not be cured.

About diets and proper nutrition

Forget fancy diets! You need to understand once and for all that they are kind of pleasant, kind of kindle, give energy, but exactly until an even more fashionable and new diet appears. Everyone needs to find their own nutritional system. Today, living on a diet created by someone for some unknown purpose is the same nonsense as making a nose or lips, like an Instagram star. It's the same with diets. Sane people don't need them. I help my patients come to an understanding of what a balanced diet is for them.

There are, of course, general rules. Be sure to include sparkling mineral water in your diet. She has an excellent property - to take away the excess from the body and leave all the essentials. The total volume of liquid per day should not exceed 2–2.5 liters, including soup and various drinks. If you drink more, water does not have time to be excreted from the body, excess volume and stagnation of fluid are formed.

Do not forget about omega-3, omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are found in olive oil, fish, nuts, and well-baked potatoes. Pasta is pampering. It should not be abused. Pay attention to animal protein, especially meat. Beef and lamb prevent Alzheimer's disease. And lard is an anti-cholesterol product. It contains a substance - choline, it delivers nutrients to the brain cells.

Despite the fact that the season has begun, cherries are not worth eating in baskets. This berry contains a lot of heavy sweet water, which is retained in the body, deposited on the thighs and in the stomach. It's the same with pineapple and persimmon. Persimmon contains a lot of potassium salts and powerful sweet fiber that is instantly absorbed. Any seasonal berries and fruits can be eaten, but in moderation. It is no coincidence that those who replace the main meal with fresh fruit get better. All because of the high fructose content.

Tomatoes, especially seasonal tomatoes, are very healthy. The latest research says this vegetable can help prevent heart attacks and strokes. But the combination of tomato and cheese is not very successful. It transforms into adipose tissue.

Now some doctors recommend drinking strong alcohol for the prevention of coronavirus, no more than 50 g per day. I would be more careful with such advice, because many people here take everything literally, not paying attention to the numbers. For example, you say that goji berries are a cure for everything, and people start eating them in tons. And the effect is zero. Because our body is not used to exotic things. I am often surprised - who said that sushi can be consumed in huge portions? If we grew up by the ocean, then the body would get used to raw fish. The same goes for exotic fruits - we simply do not digest them. We have to be very careful with food that we are not used to.


About physical activity

One of the important parts of my method is classes with a yoga therapist. Correct breathing, stretching, posture - all this helps the patient himself feel and understand how the body works, what processes are taking place in it.

It is very good to do Pilates. It works for both stretching and posture. Our spine is like a metal structure. If it is in a healthy projection and there are no deviations, then the organs are located correctly. If the posture is impaired, the organs lose their anatomical shape, and their work fails. Stretching - the elasticity of blood vessels, ligaments, muscles and joints is very important.

I also advise everyone to start doing water aerobics. It trains breathing well, and water reduces the risk of stretching or overexerting muscles.

Practice moderate walking. It is worth walking 3-4 km two or three times a week. But always at an average pace. Then all muscles will work evenly and be saturated with oxygen. There will be no sprains and complications. If a person does not go in for sports all the time, running is contraindicated for him: muscles, ankle, leg muscles are clogged. Often these "household" runners have a sprain. But remember the main thing - here, as in everything, a positive attitude is important, and not actions under a stick, as if you are a victim of circumstances.

Universal exercise

The point is to combine abdominal and chest breathing.

Inhalation begins from the lower abdomen - for two to three seconds. Then the diaphragm and intercostal muscles are switched on - for the passage of oxygen upward, also two to three seconds. The shoulders rise - and now the upper, thoracic regions are involved, where the apex of the lungs is located, usually this part of the organ is not fully involved.

Exhalation occurs in the same order: first the lower abdomen, then the intercostal space, thoracic region, shoulders.

This exercise can be repeated several times a day. And be sure to do the test: take two or three big breaths, hold your breath, and time it. If you can't hold the air for more than 30 seconds, that's bad. 40–45 - C grade. A minute is good. More than a minute is great. Breathing exercises will help train your lungs so that you can hold air for more than a minute. It also increases the volume of the lungs, improves the passage of oxygen and opens them up better, and also clears unnecessary gases.

"No trendy diets from well-known nutritionists." Leonid Elkin - about healthy lifestyle rules.

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