Aniston, Jolie, Kidman: How The Stars Find Peace In Meditation

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Aniston, Jolie, Kidman: How The Stars Find Peace In Meditation
Aniston, Jolie, Kidman: How The Stars Find Peace In Meditation

Video: Aniston, Jolie, Kidman: How The Stars Find Peace In Meditation

Video: Aniston, Jolie, Kidman: How The Stars Find Peace In Meditation
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Jennifer Aniston

Meditation as a morning and pre-sleep ritual

The actress practices transcendental meditation - morning and evening. “The first thing I do after waking up is meditation. Just 20 minutes a day and I feel completely different. When I’m lazy and don’t meditate, I feel a big difference throughout the day,”Jennifer Aniston shared in an interview about her experience. She also noted that regular meditation allows her to be more focused and reduces stress in her life. “Wellness comes from within. Loving yourself and being considerate of yourself are the keys to self-confidence. And meditation is a good helper in this,”Aniston concluded.

Angelina Jolie

Meditation in a Pleasant Moment

Despite her very busy schedule, the actress has learned to always find time for meditation and even combines practice with other activities. For example, Angelina Jolie meditates even when she paints pictures with her children, sitting on the floor. She also found another unusual, but effective way for herself - meditation while jumping on a trampoline. “It is important to do at this moment what you like and what makes you happy. All this is meditation for me,”Jolie told Stylist. The experience of the actress proves once again that everyone has their own unique perception and feeling of meditation. That is why it is important to find exactly what suits and helps you specifically. This can be both chanting "om-mm", and jumping on a trampoline.

Miranda Kerr

Meditation through yoga

Model Miranda Kerr, an adherent of a healthy lifestyle, found the ideal way of meditation by trial. She views yoga as a meditative practice. “I've been doing yoga for over ten years now, and it's a very significant part of my life. I don't care where I am or what I am doing, because yoga allows me to reboot and focus on my body and breathing. That is why practice for me has long become a way of meditation and focusing on things that are really important to me,”Miranda Kerr told MindBodyGreen about her experience.

Naomi Watts

Meditation through contact with nature

The actress admitted that meditation in nature, far from the metropolis, helps her maintain balance in life. “I love being outside the city among trees and rivers. I like to fall asleep near the ocean. I practice transcendental meditation because it helps me to be calm and steady. It is important for me at least once a day to give myself the opportunity to be alone with myself in complete silence for 20 minutes. Because it is in this state that I feel my creative nature, light, calmness and love, - this is how Naomi Watts emphasizes the importance of meditation in her life.

Nicole Kidman

Meditation with phone app

Nicole Kidman discovered meditation over 30 years ago. The actress tries to find 20-30 minutes daily for practice. At the same time, she likes to use a special application for the phone, it has a timer and an online map with registered users who are meditating at the same moment in other parts of the world. This is how Nicole Kidman feels connected with hundreds of people during her meditation.>