7 Apps For Meditation & Sleep

7 Apps For Meditation & Sleep
7 Apps For Meditation & Sleep

Video: 7 Apps For Meditation & Sleep

Video: 7 Apps For Meditation & Sleep
Video: 7 Apps That Will Make Meditating Easier | Mindfulness 2023, May


"Space in the head" (this is how the name of this application is literally translated) has not yet been voiced in Russian, the voices and interface in it are only English. The application allows you to choose the desired level of training, taking into account the goals and capabilities. So, you can specify as the main desire: calm down, focus, reduce stress and sleep better. The basic course contains ten lessons, for more you will have to pay. But the meditation was voiced by the former Buddhist monk Andy Paddicomb, the creator of the program.

Stop, Breathe & Think

“Stop, breathe and think,” the creators of the application call in its name. The program contains more than 30 meditation courses (there are even more in the paid version), a breath control function and a timer. All practices are accompanied by instructions and are aimed at solving specific problems: improve sleep, increase alertness or help combat stress. Stop, Breathe & Think can make recommendations to the user - they are based on his emotional state, recorded in personal statistics before and after meditation.

Meditation Music

A great app for those who are already familiar with the practice and do not need theory or audio. There are no podcasts, lectures or programs to choose from - only music and sounds, which are enough for an experienced meditation advocate. The audio files are named according to instruments and natural phenomena: peaceful lake, soft piano, gentle morning, heaven or sunrise. You can set a timer after which a gong will sound; a convenient option for those who dive into themselves, forgetting about the minutes.


When authorized in the application, the user will be offered seven days full access to all content. After the expiration date, you can buy it, and the free version is limited in the number of bedtime stories, musical compositions and master classes. Calm can be used for instant relaxation: the main screen of the program greets the user with a screensaver with mountains, a burning fire or a mountain lake to choose from. All of them are complemented by sounds of nature. The application is completely in English, so you can turn on your bedtime story, relax and learn a foreign language at the same time. The Masterclass section contains several lectures from psychologists and doctors about self-development and health.

Smiling mind

Meditations in this program are divided into age groups starting from seven years old. In addition, you can choose topics: sports, practice in the workplace, concentration, good sleep. An added bonus is the creation of joint accounts that are managed from different smartphones. The application contains a section for teachers if it is necessary to conduct meditation with a group. The creators assure that their designs can help people cope with high pressure, stress and everyday problems.

Insight Timer

Photo: insighttimer.com
Photo: insighttimer.com

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Meditation is a process of solitude and self-discovery. But this does not mean that practitioners do not want to communicate with like-minded people. Insight Timer (by the way, it has Russian) allows you to find and join communities of interest, add users as friends and correspond with them. In addition, the program includes more than 10 thousand free meditations. The social network has a world map on which you can see where in the world people are meditating using the application. Ten-day audio courses from meditation professionals, podcasts of psychologists and doctors are offered for an additional fee.


This application switches the user's attention from the autopilot mode. Many of us spend most of the day unconsciously, doing our usual actions and not thinking about cause and effect. Zenify sends daily tasks (seven tasks in total in ten different difficulty levels). At the same time, the user receives the first level free of charge, and raising awareness to the second level and higher is already paid. Tasks can be different: for sensory perception, emotions, meditation, relationships with friends and relatives, childhood memories, sex, love and other areas of life. In addition, the user is reminded to stay conscious throughout the day.>

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