Not Like Everyone Else: 10 Instagram Accounts With Non-standard Beauty

Not Like Everyone Else: 10 Instagram Accounts With Non-standard Beauty
Not Like Everyone Else: 10 Instagram Accounts With Non-standard Beauty

Video: Not Like Everyone Else: 10 Instagram Accounts With Non-standard Beauty

Video: Not Like Everyone Else: 10 Instagram Accounts With Non-standard Beauty
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Winnie Harlow @winnieharlow

Despite the disease vitiligo (a violation of skin pigmentation), the model managed to take a confident place in the industry. Winnie Harlow has repeatedly become the heroine of the covers of many famous glossy magazines, and also starred in clips for Eminem and Beyoncé's visual album Lemonade. Harlow, by his example, shows that you do not need to be ashamed of your appearance features, and actively supports people who live with vitiligo.

Vanessa Torres @vanessaarieltorres

At the first glance at Vanessa's page, it is difficult to distinguish her from most of the girls with chiseled figures, advertising swimwear and tanning products. However, looking closely, you can see that the model does not hide, but even focuses on such a feature of her appearance as stretch marks on the hips. “Stretch marks are something that every woman in my family has. Many top models hide them with photo editors and try to remove them in real life, but they have them, like many girls! - Vanessa often shares with her subscribers her thoughts on the value of natural beauty and the importance of self-acceptance.

Olga Zapivokhina @zapivosha

The model underwent brain surgery, before which she had to shave her head. Deep eyes and a neat hedgehog - all this became Olga's calling card and led her to collaborate with Gucci. It was after successful test shots in the new look, taken by Moscow photographer Dima Cherny, that her agency decided to send the photos to the brand's representatives. As a result, Olga closed the show of the fashion house and now actively cooperates with publications and brands.

Nastya Zhidkova @kiker_chan

“I am an albino. I have snow-white skin, gray-blue eyes, - this is how the description of Anastasia Zhidkova's profile on the social network for models begins. The lack of pigmentation on the skin and self-confidence have led to career success, especially in Asia.

Angela @ 620sq

Angela collaborates with one of the first non-standard models agency Lumpen, founded by director Avdotya Aleksandrova. A girl with chiseled features, full lips and incredible energy does not hide her scars on her face and body. At the same time, despite her youthful image, she has already managed to work with brands such as adidas and Coca-Cola.

Olga Makedonskaya @olga_makedonskayaa

Heterochromia is a different color of the right and left eyes. This rare occurrence has become a striking feature of Olga the Great's appearance. Interestingly, this girl's eye color does not completely differ: in the iris of her right eye, two shades are mixed at once - crystal blue and light brown.

Kelsey Simon @ k.els.ey

The blogger with almost 800 thousand subscribers takes fashionable light photographs and talks about his favorite beauty products and gadgets. However, quality and stylish content isn't the only reason so many people follow it. Kelsey Simon is distinguished by the fact that her face is almost 90% covered with freckles. At the same time, "Kylie Jenner with Freckles" not only makes spectacular selfies with an emphasis on her own peculiarity, but also periodically talks about how to properly care for this type of skin.

Jazelle Zanauti @JazelleZanauti

For this Instagram girl, experimenting with looks has gone from a hobby to a lifestyle. Jazelle shaves her head, dyes the hedgehog platinum blond, and shaves off her eyebrows. “So I look great, and the makeup lays down and looks better,” the blogger said in an interview. By the way, Jazelle does not leave home without accessories for teeth - grills, of which she has a large collection.

Tsunaina @tsunaina

Perhaps the most mysterious girl on this list. There is no exact information about the ethnic origin of the Tsunayna model: some sources write that she is from Tibet, others claim that she is from Nepal. One thing is indisputable - models with a face strewn with moles and alien features have managed to turn their views on the standard canons of beauty. By the way, Tsunayna recently became the heroine of the cover of the Kazakh version of the glossy Harper's Bazaar.

Liza Sotnikova @lizasotnikova

The Russian model decided to shave her hair in December. During this time, Lisa managed to experiment not only with the color of her new hairstyle, but also with its texture. For example, for filming in the video for rapper Pharaoh, the girl was shaved with an intricate ethnic pattern. From the number of photos in Lisa's profile and the projects that happened after she shaved off a head of hair, we can conclude that such changes were only good for her.>