Makeup Artists Tell How To Repeat The Makeup Of The Stars On New Year's Eve

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Makeup Artists Tell How To Repeat The Makeup Of The Stars On New Year's Eve
Makeup Artists Tell How To Repeat The Makeup Of The Stars On New Year's Eve

Video: Makeup Artists Tell How To Repeat The Makeup Of The Stars On New Year's Eve

Video: Makeup Artists Tell How To Repeat The Makeup Of The Stars On New Year's Eve
Video: 6 Makeup Artists vs 1 Fake | Odd One Out 2023, April

Kate Moore

Julia Garner Makeup

“Before starting to create makeup, it is advisable to have a good sleep so that the skin is fresh, and not to abuse alcohol, cigarettes and sweets, which also affects the complexion. If it’s too late to change something, the surest option is to make an alginate mask and patches under the eyes for 15–20 minutes, moisturize the skin with a cream and then thinly apply concealer under the eyes a little lighter than the skin tone - shade it from the corners of the eyes to the wings of the nose.

Then thinly apply the foundation of the density that suits you. I like Ellis Faas, Dior Backstage, Tom Ford Traceless Foundation (not stick). Then use the corrector to remove skin imperfections with your fingers or a sponge. Powder the T-zone lightly. Highlight your cheekbones with a light bronzer (I love the Dior Backstage palette). For blush, lipstick and even under-eye shadow, use a gentle refreshing peach shade, in which case you can apply a liquid matte lipstick without a pink undertone. I love Smith and Cult or something even more peachy.

As a highlighter for the prominent cheekbones, I recommend the Dior Backstage palette, a super fine shimmer that creates a moist glow. Just a bomb! Apply a delicate beige shade of eyeshadow on the upper eyelid and blend. The eyebrows in this makeup are the main accent. They are perfectly drawn and shaded. In this case, a pencil and gel, such as High Definition, will do. Eyelashes should not be painted with the usual mascara, but using a dark gel or tint for eyebrows. This will accentuate the color without making the look heavy. For lips and cheeks, you should use lipstick or, again, a tint of the same shade. For the same reason, it is worth giving up powder, as it will remove all lightness and radiance."

Artemy Ismyakov

Kaia Gerber Makeup

“Expressive black and gray smoky eyes are what you need for a party, including a New Year one. To repeat this makeup with an emphasis on the eyes, one caveat is important: the skin should have an even color. Therefore, it is better not to experiment and use your favorite foundation that is right for you.

Having started eye makeup, it is important to paint over the upper and lower inter-eyelash contour very well - walk with a black pencil or eyeliner along the mucous membrane and above the eyelashes. Shade all borders of eyeliner or black pencil and fix to the crease of the eyelid with gray shadows. It is important not to rise above the crease of the eyelid so that the makeup looks neat. With a fluffy brush, blend the borders of the shadows without affecting the moving eyelid itself. By the way, to make the makeup look more harmonious on the face, when shading the borders of the shadows, you can add a blush or a sculptor that you will use. This technique will add softness to the eyes and the transition of shadows. Paint over the upper and lower lashes very carefully with mascara. Comb up brows with clear or colored gel and fill in the gaps with shadow if necessary. For lips, use neutral lipstick shades or lip liner,which must be additionally shaded with your fingertips for softness of the makeup lines."

Marianna Beletskaya

Makeup Gisele Bündchen

“This make-up is both festive and restrained, so at any event it will look relevant and harmonious. You need to start by creating an even and radiant complexion. Use a makeup base with reflective particles to brighten your face. Then apply the foundation from the center to the periphery, not forgetting about the chin and neck area.

Use the pink concealer to cover the bruises under the eyes, and smooth the edges with the rest of the foundation. The look is fresh, so don't skimp on the blush. Choose a peach shade and apply it with a fluffy brush. Use a highlighter to work on several zones: the upper part of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the chin, the space under the eyebrow and the inner corners of the eyes.

Then move on to light sculpting. When creating this makeup, you can safely use not only a sculptor, but also shining powder of dark shades or bronzer. After combing the eyebrows up and add hairs with a pencil or shadows where they are missing. Fix everything with eyebrow gel or regular hairspray, after spraying it a little on the brush.

Now you can start eye makeup. For a foundation, take a creamy, bronze-colored eyeshadow and apply it all over the moving lid, gently blending the borders. Apply a little on the lower eyelid too. Fix them with dry eyeshadow of a similar shade. Then you need to paint over the space between the eyelashes and draw an arrow - this requires skill and imagination. You can make it graphic, or you can shade the border a little with dark brown shadows. Apply a bronze pencil on the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid and blend it between the eyelashes, while connecting the lower and upper eyelids into a single whole. If desired, stick on tufts of eyelashes and paint them thickly with mascara. For lips, choose a lipstick in a delicate shade - something between peach and beige. Then apply some moisturizing lip balm on top. Fix all makeup with clear powder."

Bella Adaeva

Bella Hadid Makeup

“Before makeup, you should always carefully prepare your skin: cleanse and moisturize it well. If the skin is prone to dryness, then use oily creams / bases / serums. If you have combination or oily skin type, it is best to use water-based moisturizers. The main thing - in any case, be sure to moisturize the face, then the tone will fall better. And be sure to prepare your lips - apply a thick layer of greasy cream and leave it on your lips while you do all your makeup.

When creating evening makeup, I always start with the eyes and only then proceed to tone. To get started, paint over the space between the lashes with a persistent black gel liner (like Inglot). Then apply a skin-tone concealer to the upper and lower eyelids and dust with a transparent or skin-colored powder. Apply the highlighter under your brow. And only now can you start applying color. Take a soft black pencil (Romanovamakeup, Maybelline Master Drama) and draw a frame. These pencils are very soft and easy to blend, but do it quickly as they dry quickly on your skin. Then take some well-pigmented charcoal black eyeshadow (Urban Decay, Make Up For Ever, Nyx, Nars) and blend it, leaving clear borders as in the photo.

Apply silvery eyeshadow with a large shimmer to the moving eyelid. And work on the lower eyelid with a pencil and secure on top with black shadows. Add a highlight to the inner corner of the eye with shiny eyeshadows of a cold shade. Paint over the mucous membrane with either a persistent black pencil or eyeliner and fix it on top with shadows. This makes it more likely that the makeup will remain in place even after the chimes. Apply mascara at the very end.

Then remove any loose eye makeup with toner, serum, or cream. The main thing is not to use micellar water for this. And start applying the foundation. By the way, for an additional effect of radiance of the skin from the inside, you can add a couple of drops of oil to the tone or a drop of liquid highlighter (my favorite is L'Oréal Mon Amour). Apply a loose concealer under the eyes, on the nasolabial folds, around the corners of the lips, and under the lower lip. Then use the cream sculptor (I love the stick from Kiko Milano). To begin with, I paint it in a thick layer on my hand, thereby warming up the product, and use a fluffy natural medium-sized brush. Apply it intermittently to prominent parts of the face: cheekbones, nose tip, hairline and sides, lower face and chin.

On the apples of your cheeks, shading diagonally to the cheekbones, apply a peach-pink blush (you can use a light shimmer). Highlighter on the upper part of the cheekbone, the bridge of the nose, a little on the chin and on the tick above the lip. For lips, choose a dirty pink (cool) with a brown undertone. They can draw borders, slightly protruding beyond the natural contour of the lips to give them additional volume. Then use a pink satin lipstick with an unobtrusive "gloss". Powder the T-zone and under-eye area with a colorless (transparent) powder.

And additionally a life hack for creating perfect eyebrows: before giving them a shape, it is better to give the eyebrows direction. To do this, apply a little hairspray to a regular eyelash / eyebrow brush and comb the hairs in the direction you like. After that, you can safely dye your eyebrows. At the end, fix the hairs with transparent gel (Art-Visage) or repeat the technique with hairspray. You can fix your makeup and refresh it with any fixative."

Zalina Kelyaeva

Gigi Hadid Makeup

“Lip accent makeup is one win-win in many ways. It takes less time and at the same time helps to look impressive both in life and in photographs.

Personally, I always start makeup with the eyes. If you do the opposite, the shadows can crumble and there is a high probability that the tone will have to be redone. I advise you to use creamy eyeshadows, as they are very easy to blend and they do not clog into the creases of the eyelid. The corners of the eyes can be drawn out with a brown pencil. If you want to highlight the corner brighter, then you can use a black pencil or eyeliner. For a brighter effect, you can glue tufts of eyelashes to the corners of the eyes.

Now we start to tone - it is better to use a moisturizing base with a radiant effect in cold weather, and a foundation - medium density. Accentuate the shape of the eyebrows with shadows. Apply bronzer along the contour of the face contour. Don't forget to give your makeup a fresh look by using blush (my favorites are Bobbi Brown - Apricot (cool pink), Becca - Lantana (peach). Add highlighter to the prominent parts of the face: above and below the brow, cheekbones, tip of the nose and above the lip).

Before applying red lipstick, moisturize your lips in advance and remove any remaining balm just before applying the shade. You can also trace the lips along the contour with a pencil - by the way, not necessarily red. And then apply lipstick with a brush, applicator or directly from the stick. Set everything in place with Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray to help make-up last until dawn. And if you choose an open dress for New Year's Eve, do not forget to highlight your collarbones and shoulders with a highlighter.”>

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