7 Stars Who Are Proud Of Their Bodies And Do Not Pay Attention To Criticism

7 Stars Who Are Proud Of Their Bodies And Do Not Pay Attention To Criticism
7 Stars Who Are Proud Of Their Bodies And Do Not Pay Attention To Criticism

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In an interview, Beyoncé said that the idea for the song Bootylicious came to her when she first faced criticism regarding her figure. “I put on a few extra pounds and people started telling me that I needed to lose weight. I was only 18 - at that age you definitely shouldn't think about these little things. " Since then, Queen Bee has become one of the main pop stars of our time, but she has not changed her beliefs about her appearance. In the last September issue of American Vogue, she shared how she finally found complete harmony with her body after her second pregnancy. “On the day of my second birth, my weight was 98 kilograms. […] During the recovery period, I surrounded myself with care and love, enjoying my new body. I accepted the fact that now my body wants to look like this. […] Now my shapes are more rounded, I have a tummy,but I'm not going to get rid of him. " The singer also considers it important for each of us to forget about the glossy images of stars and accept people with their natural beauty.

Ashley Graham

In 2016, Ashley Graham became the first plus-size model to pose for a Sports Illustrated cover. In her interviews, she repeatedly admitted that in her youth she had often heard insults in her address, but this only helped her become stronger and more confident in pursuing her goals. Graham is not just a model, but an activist who promotes the diversity of beauty and encourages us to love ourselves as we are. She often gives motivational speeches, during which she shares her experiences and teaches young girls to be in harmony with their bodies.

Amy Schumer

When actress and comedian Amy Schumer first appeared on show business radars, her anti-glamor image and deliberate frankness shocked many. Schumer is one of the first celebrities who decided to raise the issue of body positivity and proved by their own example that it is not necessary to adjust yourself to generally accepted standards. In 2016, she posed completely naked for the Pirelli calendar, in her interviews she regularly says that “your appearance does not define you as a person,” and this year she released the comedy “Pretty Woman for the Whole Head”, the main message of which is that the size of clothes is not should affect self-esteem. And although the film was accused of bodyshaming, the actress herself is confident that it will help women accept themselves at any weight.


More than 64 million subscribers follow Rihanna's life on Instagram alone - it's no surprise that her body transformations become a topic of discussion every time. So, after her performance at the Grammy earlier this year, many noticed that the star gained a lot of weight, and even assumed that she was pregnant. However, Rihanna herself prefers not to pay attention to the attacks of haters and respond to criticism with humor - for example, using memes. In an interview with Vogue, she said that she feels absolutely comfortable in any weight. “I myself know when I gained a few kilograms, and when I lost weight, but I accept myself in both bodies. My shapes are far from Victoria's Secret models, but that doesn't stop me from feeling cool in my underwear. " Perhaps,Rihanna's attitude to the body positivity movement is best illustrated by the latest promo video of her beauty line Fenty Beauty, in which a fat guy dances in a way that many have never dreamed of.

Chrissy Teigen

Model and Instagram star Chrissy Teigen is a true role model: the ideal mom and wife, body activist and eternally cheerful businesswoman. However, this does not relieve her of the periodic attacks of critics. So, during her second pregnancy, haters said that Chrissy "looks too fat" and "just loves to eat." Teigen prefers either not to notice stupid attacks at all, or to respond to them with humor. Despite numerous negative comments in her address, she continues to post on her Instagram photos in swimsuits, selfies without a gram of makeup on her face, and even nude pictures while breastfeeding.

Melissa McCarthy

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it.”

Actress and comedian Melissa McCarthy is another ardent body activist who has proven that a "non-standard" figure should not be a hindrance to a successful career in Hollywood. In an interview, she admitted that she feels most sexy when she is comfortable in her body and does not try to fit herself into certain specific parameters. "I learned to love myself - my shortcomings and imperfections." McCarthy often makes calls to forget about body shaming and remember that any phrase spoken in a public space can hurt not only the one to whom it is addressed, but also ordinary people.

Demi Lovato

Singer Demi Lovato is also regularly criticized for her shape, even though she became Victoria's Secret's Sexiest Woman in 2016. Lovato has repeatedly said that in her attempts to lose weight she earned herself an eating disorder, but she was able to get rid of the disease and love her optimal weight. “This is what I call 'no-diet thighs' and I am proud of them,” she wrote on social media. Lovato admits that self-acceptance was not easy for her: "It was a real test, but it changed my life." Now she boldly shares photos in short shorts on her Instagram (“Yes, I have cellulite - like 93% of women”) and encourages her followers to follow her example.>

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