Who To Follow On Instagram: The Best For Skin And Body Health

Who To Follow On Instagram: The Best For Skin And Body Health
Who To Follow On Instagram: The Best For Skin And Body Health

Video: Who To Follow On Instagram: The Best For Skin And Body Health

Video: Who To Follow On Instagram: The Best For Skin And Body Health
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Victoria Filimonova

Dermatologist and cosmetologist Viktoria Filimonova, who thanks to her page everyone simply calls "Dr. Vicki", maintains one of the most highly cited accounts about skin care and body health. On her page you will find useful and affordable pharmacy products, reviews of new products in professional cosmetics, as well as analyzes of popularized creams and serums. In addition, Victoria talks about new trends in dermatology and cosmetology. For example, about treatment with special colored LED lamps.

The best account for those who want to really understand how all the processes of skin functioning are arranged, how its health is related to the body as a whole and, of course, nutrition. By the way, a selection of Victoria's favorite products specially compiled for Pink can be found here.


The creator of the page, Yana Sheptovetskaya, writes all reviews on cosmetics only after careful and detailed testing of the products. By the way, a distinctive feature of the Gelcream blog is the photographs of jars and tubes against the background of the plane's window. Soon, many bloggers adopted this "trick", and some cosmetic companies even ordered Yana to shoot in this style.

A separate merit of the page is the regular and very pleasant video or photo reminders about the need to drink water. On Gelcream regularly appear beautiful pictures of faceted glasses or decanters of water playing in the light, which the author of the page presents with the text "If you see this, drink some water."

Olga Khrimyan

During her work as the advertising director of the already closed beauty publication Allure, Olga managed to study the beauty industry from the inside. On her page, she shares her own experience in skin and hair care and introduces the best experts. With them, she records interviews on topical topics, and also goes on air.

Olga also periodically invites her friends with a certain number of subscribers as heroines and asks them to share their beauty life hacks. Some tell and show in detail the secrets of their beautiful and voluminous styling, others disassemble cosmetics bags for subscribers, demonstrating the best products for different skin types, both in the luxury segment and in the mass market category. In short, Olga Khrimyan's @meautyblog is an open women's beauty club.

Skinjoy Clinic

Perhaps the only cosmetology clinic whose account does not aggressively sell services, but forms an audience. Here you will not see the same posts, after which there are even more questions. Skinjoy experts tell in detail about each stage of a particular procedure, recommendations and contraindications, the recovery period and the history of a particular device. The entire focus of the content is not on the before / after wow effect, but on a detailed visual and textual description of each procedure.

Ultraceuticals Russia

The Russian account of the Australian brand Ultraceuticals is a great example of how a brand feels the needs of a local audience. Recently, detailed posts appeared on the page, which not only clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the systemic work of cosmetic brand products, but also carry an important meaning: it is necessary to treat the skin under the supervision of a professional cosmetologist.

Experts at brand-friendly clinics diagnosed the problems of specially selected characters with various skin characteristics (acne, age-related changes, pigmentation). For 30 days, all participants used a selected skin care system based on the brand's products, and also underwent procedures prescribed by their beautician. At the end of this challenge, each cosmetologist demonstrated their treatment results, detailing the complexities and care system. This is a very important project for the Russian beauty industry, where cosmetologists often practice without proper experience and education and are aimed solely at commercial gain.

Victoria Roschaninova

The head of the Kraftway clinic regularly shares with his audience beauty finds - especially from European stores and pharmacies. At the same time, Victoria understands hardware cosmetology from the inside - she tests everything on herself and is a frequent guest of professional exhibitions. Therefore, on her page you will see detailed stories in the process of going through a particular procedure.

Her separate beauty fetish is oral care products. Which brushes are more convenient for left-handers, which toothpaste gently and instantly whitens - all this can be found on Victoria's page. A separate bonus is photos from picturesque places and interesting facts from travels.>

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